New Vehicle Authorisation To Replace NEMO Curfew Passes

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Press Release:- The National Emergency Management Organisation (N.E.M.O) would like to notify the general public of changes which have been instituted to facilitate movement of Motor Vehicles during confinement hours by virtue of Covid -19 (Prevention and Control) (Physical Distancing ) (No. 15) Order.

Saint Lucia Statutory Instrument 2021, No. 164 Effective October 17, 2021, Curfew Passes which were issued by the N.E.M.O. shall no longer be valid and will be replaced by a VEHICLE AUTHORIZATION/PASS. This new Pass will be issued in the following

A) (Orange) Vehicle authorization/ pass which expires on December 31, 2021
B) (White) Vehicle authorization/pass which expires on November 16, 2021
C) Letter authorization/ pass issued for a period not exceeding a two week period.

Individuals who qualify for authorization/passes must submit their request via email to . The email should contain the following information;
a) Name and driver’s licence number
b) Registration number of vehicle
c) Seating capacity of vehicle (excluding driver)
d) Contact number of applicant
e) Justification for applying for Pass (compulsory)

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Business applications should be sent to the relevant agency and line Ministry such as SLHTA, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture etc., to be verified. Individual applicants may apply directly to N.E.M.O.

In the case of the Public Service, applications are to be submitted through relevant Heads of Department for verification.

A transitional period from October 17th until October 22nd, 2021, has been agreed with the police to facilitate the process of replacing the outgoing curfew passes with the new vehicle authorization/pass.

In keeping with the provisions of the referenced Statutory Instrument, this procedure is intended to facilitate individuals with an absolute need for authorized movement during confinement hours in furtherance of their business, profession and other approved purposes.

N.E.M.O hereby thanks everyone for their continued understand and solicits the cooperation of all as we work together to prevent and control the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Headline photo: Stock image of police traffic check

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