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New water system for Dennery North

The residents of the Dennery Valley have long suffered with an unreliable and sometimes poor quality water system.

It was in recognition of this long-standing problem that the Government had promised in 2011 to resolve the water problems of Vieux Fort and Dennery.

The Vieux Fort Water Supply Development Project has been initiated and the residents of Vieux Fort and environs are on their way to having a new water supply and distribution system that will serve them until the year 2033.

However, for the residents of Dennery North or the Dennery Valley, the wait was a few months longer.

Through the efforts of the Minister for External Affairs, an initial grant funding allocation of US$5 million was secured from the Government of Mexico.

However, this funding fell short of the amount required for a new water supply and distribution system that would meet the needs of the residents of Dennery North for the next 17 years.

Fortunately, the wait is now over. At its Board meeting of Monday 16th May, 2016 the Caribbean Development Bank approved a project request from the Ministry of Sustainable Development of the Government of Saint Lucian for the Dennery Water Supply Improvement Project.

The CDB will provide the additional funding that is required for the completion of both phases of the Dennery North water project.

The Dennery North Water Supply Improvement Project will involve the construction of a new water intake on the Tournesse River, a raw water transmission line, a new water treatment plant, a water storage tank next to the treatment plant, a pump station and a force main to the existing Thomazo water storage tank, a new transmission pipeline, pipe connections to the existing Morne Panache Pumping Station, and pipe connections to the Derniere Riviere distribution network.

The Minister with responsibility for Water, Hon. James Fletcher, said that of all the projects in which his ministry has been involved, this one is among those that give him the greatest satisfaction.

He said that for too long the residents of Dennery North have had to suffer with poor water quality and one of the most unreliable water supplies on the island. Minister Fletcher stated that “to have played a part in finally solving one of the most vexing water problems on the island is certainly something that is worth celebrating”.

Like the Vieux Fort Water Supply Improvement Project, the Dennery Water Supply Project is expected to meet the demands of the residents of the Dennery Valley until 2033, with the capacity to produce 1.4 million gallons of water per day.


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