NGP Calls For Urgent Action On Saint Lucia Water Security

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Asserting that the challenges are real, Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) has called for urgent action on the country’s water security while urging leaders to focus on the needs of the people instead of engaging in constant political bickering.

NGP leader Andre de Caires noted that Saint Lucia is about to enter the hurricane season, which begins on June 1.

And he explained that traditionally people expect the rains to bring respite from the heat of the dry season and water crops.

But he declared that climate change is real.

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“A worrying trend seems to be emerging worldwide, and that is the fact that the planet is experiencing longer spells of drought conditions and less precipitation during the rainy season,” de Caires said.

“Although when we do get rain, we see enormous amounts of torrential rainfall in short periods contributing to tremendous damage to livelihoods and Infrastructure. This year’s dry season has been quite severe and is reflected by the fact that we have all experienced water shortages at some time this year so far,” the NGP leader expressed.

He observed that water shortages affect every aspect of life.

When combined with a two-year pandemic that has caused a massive reduction in productivity and production of all items, plus a hit to the essential supply chains that transport these essential goods globally, de Caires asserted that the impending disaster is imminent.

“Every week, we see food prices rising and the calls for food security becoming louder, but there cannot be food security without water security. If there is no water to irrigate crops, there will be no crops,” the NGP leader pointed out.

He recalled that the NGP’s main slogan was “Agriculture first. Food and water security,” during the last election season.

In addition, de Caires said his party presented several solutions to tackle the problem of increasing the water storage capacity of the island, including micro dams, a national desalinisation plant, and requiring hotels with beach access to install their own.

“We have little time to deal with this water crisis,” de Caires observed.

“We encourage all parties and stakeholders to come together to develop a plan so that we will be able to institute the necessary changes, upgrades, and new Infrastructure needed just to survive the near future,” he said.



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  1. It’s time to replace management at Wasco the government of st lucia needs to penalize Wasco for not supplying enough water to the people Wasco will leave you without water for two weeks and you still get a bill for water you didn’t get why isn’t the government doing anything why they’re sitting on their hands we are in 2022 and we’re going through this bull#hit these old people working at wasco needs to retire we need fresh ideas younger brains people we shouldn’t take what they give us we have to start demanding for better service for heaven’s sake we are paying for the freaking water it not free

  2. Mr De Caires offered no credible or tangible solutions to the island’s water problems, and it is not only WASCO’s fault. This administration, and all others to follow, should make it mandatory (and offer a tax rebate) that all households install at least one water tank to their house. For that to be feasible, ALL water tanks should imported should come in with DF Concessions to make them affordable (with plumbing supplies). THAT – should make life a little easier for water consumption and conservation.

    Some micro dams do exist, but are not managed properly.

    • It is true he gave no solutions, but he is also the ONLY one speaking about our water problems.
      If discussed , perhaps we could implement some solutions .

  3. Mr De Caires need to be the head of the Opposition. Why? Because he is more sensible than all the current members combined. Also, in my opinion he will put the St.Lucian people before favored partners.


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