Friday, September 30, 2022

NGP: Cannabis Industry Can Create Jobs For’ Idle Young Men With Guns’

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Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP), acknowledging that there’s no ‘magic bullet’ to end the violent crime spike in the country, has nevertheless indicated that a Cannabis industry could help address the problem through job creation.

“The majority of violence has been committed by idle young men with guns. There is no magic bullet to cure this surge in violence but providing gainful employment for these young men will assist tremendously,” asserts NGP leader Andre de Caires.

“We see the Cannabis industry providing thousands of jobs for this very demographic and hope that we can start the process as soon as possible,” de Caires stated during a New Year message.

With Saint Lucia witnessing a record-breaking number of homicides in 2021, the NGP leader said the ongoing violence was a matter of great concern as the Island had lost many lives during the year.

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” After two years of lockdowns and curfews, lack of work, no money, tensions are high, people are angry. In this atmosphere of desperation there’s little room for conflict resolution and as a result, violence,” de Caires observed.

He acknowledged that the future is uncertain with many challenges.

“But fortunately, we live in the most beautiful place on earth with everything necessary to deal with these challenges,” de Caires said.

In this regard, he said the NGP asked everyone to face the challenges jointly, be strong, and stand firm during these trying times.

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  1. I hear is roseau they want to out weed farm. Big boys will be in charge. I hear one of them brought their son la toc for weed he smoke but he not telling people dat. I hear certain people will have certain positions on weed board. Weed turning young people to zombies especially when they smoke before a certain age. They smoking it all day. Prepare yall oxygen tanks

  2. Why that Grenadian dont employ most of them on his farm to plant Marijuana .Create an association to protect and Ship the product oversaes

  3. I know the only hope we have in this life is being connected to God. It changed you completely and you are never the same again when you come in contact with him. God is the answer for the world today. We will only get peace when we learn to turn away from our wicked ways, whether being greedy, self entered and violent. Prayers help because God answers prayer. We need more national days of prayer designated to our young people, and more outreach programs for the broken families in our society. We know that this causes all the problems in our society. Not only crime is the problem, but low paying salaries, high prices in the stores and all the marginalized because of political affiliation. We need to tackle the problem from the roots which is from the homes.

  4. Working at a hotel or a security guard for 3:50 cents that is the jobs that are available in St lucia

  5. Andre a week or so ago you came out brilliantly and I thought this could be the political movement St. Lucia is waiting for; but I may be called Old-fashioned, but the word ‘weed, marijuana, cannabis,’ and idle young men with their noisy toys, frightens me. Let’s be real, you know the gangs will follow the money trail and before you know it, trouble in the camp. Andre I still feel you mean well for the young men in the society, but what about deep sea fishing? don’t let the Japanese come from half way round the world with drag nets three miles long sucking all our fish and go home to make a kill – what about us? Andre what you are advocating spells more trouble for the Island, better go after the Churches, tell the Priests and Preachers to come down from the Pulpit, drop the Dog Collar, come with you to the communities and talk face to face with the Lads, because what they have been doing for centuries don’t seem to work for them. ( If you try the Almighty through His Son Jesus, it’ll work for you, ‘I know’)

  6. Weed n’ crew incoperated get your weed delivered to you, but without actually working? Nothing but a joke right it changes nothing cause the gangs working there would make more enemies and they pay would be too low

  7. DeCaires I know you mean well and want to see a change from all this unwarranted violence…but please don’t use guns and marijuana in the same sentence because the heavy critics/arsewholes will say is weed dat making dem burst guns!

  8. Oh please! And the negative side of making it legal can be detrimental to society. The same way a gun is used to protect it is use to create the pain and suffering we are seeing in our society. The same way the internet is used for good education it is the same way it is used for crimes. If the bad outweighs the good why do it. Oh I forgot! It is all about money and profit for the bigger boys. The same way the farmers were taken advantage of for their bananas and it is calapsing it will be the same for the marijuana.

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