Tuesday, September 27, 2022

NGP Challenges Other Caribbean Countries To Follow Barbados

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Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) has challenged other Caribbean countries to follow Barbados, which has become the world’s newest republic.

In doing so, Barbados ditched Queen Elizabeth as Head of State and installed a local, Dame Sandra Mason, as its first President.

Describing the Barbados move as bold and mature, NGP Deputy leader Aaron Alexander said in a statement on Wednesday on behalf of the party that it rejoices with the government and people of Barbados.

“We challenge the other countries of the Caribbean to move hastily in a similar direction. It can be done, it is very possible. The Caribbean can and will rise and shine,” Alexander asserted.

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He also praised Barbados Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, declaring that while some leaders are creators of history, others are mere spectators.

In this regard, the NGP Deputy Leader expressed that Mottley’s name would again go down in history as a pillar of vision and enlightenment for her people and the entire Caribbean.

Alexander recalled that during campaigning for the July 26, 2021 elections, his party called for removing the Queen as Saint Lucia’s Head of State. However, he said some people ridiculed the party.

But he stated that the NGP knows that it is on the right side of history.

In addition, Alexander urged the creation of a single Caribbean currency, explaining that Barbados could lead the way.

“The EC dollar and the Bajan dollar combined think of the possibilities. It will definitely make us stronger,” he noted.


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  1. A Trap And A Net !!
    Will carefully follow patern with terms and conditions together will becomes more corruption , with much dreaming,and their words are ‘meaningless’ – Don’t be supprised at such things, for their officials is eyed by higher ones and have them both or ordered themselves still.
    They are treacherous men which their understanding has gone ? To act more corruptly in all they do , for there is no discernement in them ;foreigners will sunk St-Lucia deep into corruption and will be among the nations like a worthless thing .
    St-Lucia will go astray like a donkey wondering alone sold herself to lovers for other nations,
    Will began to waste 💩💩💩 always away under the load of oppression of the mighty ones .

  2. BARBADOS, gone from being a prosperous thriving country, switching to just another banana republic, “$hithole” country.
    Just going to be another “festering boil” on the a$$ of the world waiting for it’s handouts. Good call Nig’ga’$. LOL

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