NGP Concerned Over ‘Authoritarian’ Response To COVID-19 Pandemic

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National Green Party (NGP) leader Andre de Caires Monday expressed concern over the authoritarian manner in which politicians and the medical authorities are handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing the first of a planned series of monthly press conferences of the party, de Caires told reporters that there’s no room for discourse.

“The Vax being the only remedy while totally discounting natural immunity. Most unscientific, to say the least,” the NGP leader asserted.

He said the complete rejection of repurposed, cheap, safe drugs and natural remedies proven effective against the virus is ‘nothing less than criminal.’

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In addition, de Caires described as entirely irresponsible that the Ministry of Health has not educated the public on preventative measures and early treatment protocols, resulting in the people losing confidence in these institutions.

“When the pandemic ends, and it will, a post mortem must be held to determine where mistakes were made, and the people responsible for these mistakes must be held accountable,” the NGP leader asserted.

“There must be retribution and people must pay,” the de Caires said.

In addition, he called on the Government and businesses to reconsider the call for vaccine mandates, declaring that there’s no need at this point.

“The virus is mutating into a strain that will become like other endemic viruses we have been dealing with for all of our lives. So please let us fully open up the country now. The people deserve this after this two-year sacrifice,” de Caires expressed.

The NGP has vowed to continue its news conferences to let people know its members have alternative ideas and the party is fighting for the masses.

According to the party, it has not gone away and disappeared like other political organisations that shrink away once they lose a general election.

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  1. Check it they looking for more cemetery grounds… what’s the ratio of strokes, heart attacks invaxxinated people vrs unvaccinated in last 2 years increase? embalmers!? Speak up!…..bc The Who controlled St. Lucian medical doctors. Certainly will noT! Smph WASCO,WASCO,WASCO!

  2. “The Vax being the only remedy while totally discounting natural immunity. Most unscientific, to say the least,”,smph exactly Pancho and watcher. Woi smph check, …embalmed bodies is the …..only…. way to find these fiberous,playdo protein platelet material, stopping vein and arteries flow i n the vaccinated and the death certificate it’s written off as strokes or heart attacks. Start embalming bodies here research it yourselves! Smph

  3. i said lets got and give the NGP a chance to lead at this juncture we will know who is who and not the power hungry cannibals that’s in side there

  4. Agree with all. It’s time to open up the country and do away with these ineffective policies that have cause more harm than good!

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