Wednesday, October 5, 2022

NGP Issues Drought Alert, Says No Food Security Without Water Security

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Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) has reiterated concerns about the impact of drought conditions on the national economy this year, asserting that there can be no food security without water security.

NGP leader Andre de Caires, declaring that his party is in touch with the environment, told St Lucia Times that this country needs to increase its water storage capacity.

His comments came as the Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CDPMN) Monday said that many Caribbean countries will be starting the new season “with a deficit in water resources.”

The NGP leader proposes that beachfront hotels in Saint Lucia install reverse osmosis desalination plants to provide water for their pools, wash dishes, and flush toilets while using Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) supplies for cooking.

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“That should be a law. A bill needs to be passed so that all hotels that have access to sea water need to install a desalination plant and change their plumbing,” de Caires told St Lucia Times.

In addition, he spoke of the need for micro-dams, explaining that due to this country’s topography, such dams would be cheap to build and may be able to hold hundreds of thousands of gallons of water upstream to provide for communities at lower elevations in times of drought.

But de Caires also expressed that everyone needs to start harvesting water.

“This dry season may end the tourism season. If we do not have water, we have to send the visitors home,” he warned.

However, de Caires declared that the time to implement the outlined measures had passed.

“If the rain doesn’t fall and drought takes us, none of these measures are in place, and we will suffer. If we have a January this dry and it continues, there will be a severe drought, and you cannot blame WASCO. They need finances to complete specific projects that would save water. They need to do a lot of upgrades and we have not invested in WASCO,” the NGP leader told St Lucia Times.

And he said both the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and the opposition United Workers Party are to blame for not having water security on their radar.





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  1. wasco are simply a joke and have been for the twenty plus years I have lived on this beautiful island. Their pumps often dont work, their inferstructure is old and falling apart and their workers are de-motivated. We all suffer at the hands of WASCO. They have a monopoly so can do what they like, their customer service is so poor its a joke. Open up the water supply to privatisation.

  2. @ Stinger- if that’s the case, why is our potable water supply so crappy even after 5 years of their miserable “rule”! Why didnt the UWP allow WASCO to run as antitiy on its own rather than dictating employment, hiring and firing etc? Why hasnt the UWP condemn the detrimental desilting exercises that Guy and his friends made millions from? Routinely scraping the ENTIRE bed of rivers – think that is right for our river ecosystems? Smart people unlike you would know that deposition of silt mainly occurs at specific locations that sediment flow analysis can advise on! NO TIME TO ARGUE with non-scientists/ non -experts! YOU ARE WRONG Stinger!

  3. Stlucia.loop news is where article about St.Lucia getting ready to export marijuana to Europe is this article seems to be same company in Vincy. Smh….. Wasco, change the bills , sandals, royalton,reduit, landings all beach front properties including restaurant’s, anschastenet, jade mt, ladera, stonefield, all should be forced into desalination bills. Make the hotels PAY!. It’s 2022! Smph These resorts have taken precedence over the people for generations now it’s time to put the peoples waters first as you say you putting the people First!I I Thank You…….”…….

  4. Thank you somuch Pancho, this is What I Have Been SAYING for yearS now! WASCO, WASCO,WASCO…….. smmph …… Invest in more storage capacities in the North, you just sold all the rest of the north tip of St. Lucia for a PHoCking golf course an over 300 homes plus resort plus plus for CABOT! Smph WASCO will give all its provisions to the hotels like they have been doing and continue to do, if that’s the case and the people will REVOLT More so than Anti Vaxx! SMPH, and what’s this phockery with that ganja arrest yesterday when there’s an article on thevoice site that govt has made a deal with 1 prominent man to sell OUR GANJA to Europe! Smfh………… what about the PEOPLE?…………. WASCO needs more pumps and much better Day crews and administration overseeing ! Smph

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