NGP Leader Appalled By Reports Of Ill-Treatment Of Saint Lucians On Canadian Farms

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The leader of Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) says he is appalled by reports of ill-treatment of Saint Lucian women who went to Canada to work in the seasonal farm workers programme.

Latoya Ben who spent nearly six months picking strawberries on a Canadian farm claimed that the women suffered physical and verbal abuse, including being called ‘hungry dogs’.

While admitting that housing conditions were ‘okay’, Ben said the workers had to pay taxes as well as rent and utilities.

In addition, she said the farm did not pay for extra or holiday work.

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NGP leader Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires described such treatment as totally unacceptable.

And he declared that guilty parties should be prosecuted.

“We as black people who have gone through slavery, working on the plantations and to go up there to be treated in this manner is totally unacceptable and the people who are treating our people like that should be prosecuted because that’s a human rights abuse,” de Caires told St Lucia Times. 

“If they are going to treat farm workers like that I would encourage our people not to go on farms to be treated in that manner,” the NGP leader stated.

In addition, he urged the authorities here to intervene.

Forty Saint Lucian women made history earlier this year as the first batch of females to enroll in the seasonal farm workers programme in Canada.

Jamaica is reported to have withdrawn its workers from four Canadian farms since the start of this year due to unacceptable conditions.

Headline photo: Andre de Caires

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  1. @ma Malay you are correct …when St. Lucians have family aboard they always believe that they owe them something. They are clueless as to what people go through and the bills that must be paid to live aboard and the car fare to get to and from work in all types of weather..etc. etc.
    Those who return to St. Lucia and give the impression that it’s all good and easy and everything is 99cents are LIARS……

  2. It’s simple no matter how promising something looks to us before we enter in any agreement everything has to be signed on a written document and no changes unless if both parties are ok with the adjustments…. voilà

  3. let this be a lesson To everyone that has a family member overseas working had for a long time and you feel when they come back down they owe yall something or if is a bag a money they come back with and some of you will say “oh she come down she don’t bring nothing for me” this is what some of them have to endure in the cold. So they don’t owe you JACK if you get you get

    • If I was a Worker up in Canada I would be Back in St.Lucia the Following Day .World war 4 would commence on that farm .White man insulting and Kicking me .Anyway

      • but hear that funny thing is if it was a boss in lucia that had do them that they would a retaliate but as is a white man and they in another country they afraid.

  4. I am not surprised. Some of those people have yet to totally remove this Massa mentality towards black and brown peoples. Their motivation is the bottom line and they would do anything to achieve that including treating migrants’ workers as slaves. Therefore it is incumbent on our government to pay regular visit to those Farms to look into the welfare of its citizens who have taken up the challenge to proceed to these farms through the encouragement of the government who has failed to provide employment at home for our women but instead take the easy route and dispatched them to slave on Canadian Farms in an environment that is totally foreign to them, Over to you Potus.

  5. this leads me to think that if they mistreating the women they must be doing the men wickedness as well but you know men already they just tuff and wont ay nothing but i have a feeling this has been going on a long time

  6. Pancho is right! This is a brilliant idea that these so called developed countries have concocted to import slaves from desperate countries….so you mean to tell me that Canada doesnt have unskilled workers who want to do this job? Sometimes a helping hand may be more than what it seems–a rose full of thorns. Despite how good they are portrayed in their own media, developed nations still depend on a lot of illegal activities to stay ” wealthy”.

    • The reason why is because their own people don’t want to work cause one, it’s a low paying job but for us saint lucians when we get the money and send it back to our homes its converted to a lot of EC for us and two since the pandemic hit alot of people I believe are getting moneys paid to them like stimulus cheques I forgot the special name for it so they don’t want to work that’s why there are a lot of job openings as well in the USA.

      • thankyou for a sane answer. I am a Canadian and was not aware of the abuse at farms. Unbelievable that the workers have to pay rent and utilites. I will join and watch out for that. What farms?
        Also, may I point out that with regards to ‘slavery’, most people around me here are slaves to money, if not intentionally, surely because of debt incurred trying to live here.

  7. I agree Pancho, u should penalize these farms this is modern day slavery and a human rights violation…..You should name the farms , publicize the farms in Canadadian local papers as well…and this is what’s here and coming here cabot is Canadian, royalton is Canadian, how many other resorts… woiiii SmPH

  8. Umm most people have to pay their own cost of living costs, so I do not see an issue in paying for utilities, obviously people should not be abused, I dont think we are getting the full story here.


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