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NGP Leader Believes A Shake-Up In the RSLPF May Be Necessary

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The leader of Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP), Andre de Caires, believes a shake-up in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) headed by Commissioner Milton Desir may be necessary.

Saint Lucia is currently facing an ‘alarming’ crime situation, particularly concerning gun violence.

“A shake-up may be necessary. Is he (Desir) able to do the job and lead as the Commissioner? I am not sure. I think it will be up to the minister of national security to make that decision,” de Caires told St Lucia Times.

The NGP leader spoke against the backdrop of a double homicide at La Toc, Castries.

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Police disclosed that a man and a woman succumbed after sustaining gunshot wounds on Wednesday morning.

Details surrounding the incident are sketchy, and investigators have yet to identify the deceased officially.

On Monday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, responsible for National Security, asserted that he wanted to instill pride in the police for their work.

“I want to urge them to have some pride,” the Castries East MP, the son of a police officer, told reporters.

Pierre described the crime situation as alarming and a menace while noting that the public must assist in the battle against criminal activity.

NDP leader Andre de Caires, explaining that he has a lot of police friends, observed that there are grievances and divisions within the ranks of the RSLPF with factions for and against Commissioner Milton Desir.

In addition, he observed that the fallout from Operation Restore Confidence (ORC) is a cause of discomfort within the force.

“As to the operations of the RSLPF. I do believe more focus has to be on the removal of firearms. I believe what we are doing is looking at the murder rate. We determine the crime situation only by the murder rate, and let’s be real, the police cannot prevent murders,” the NGP leader told St Lucia Times.

“I think what we have a problem with is conflict resolution, people stealing from each other and people settling their grievances violently. There are certain things that the police can prevent but murders and stuff like that cannot be prevented by the police. We need to remove the murder weapons from the people who have them,” he declared.

Headline photo: Top brass of the RSLPF address a news conference

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  1. I think it’s time to put a bounty on the heads of the persons who own illegal guns, and award $200 to any one who gives information to police that helps the cops find an arrest who ever is caught with a gun, an if it helps convict someone with a crimes record award $500 an i can bet there are enough RATS who want the money help to get rid of a lot of guns an the illegal owners.

  2. Why does st Lucia times news put some comment and ignore some. Yes I can understand u have to edit but the way you do it is that any criticism air at government u hold back. Nobody learn or see their mistakes without criticism. Who is asking you to hold off certain comments. If we are reporting to the nation let’s do it in full. I don’t see eye to eye with any form of biasness. I guess people we just have to stop commenting and express our opinions and even facts too

  3. A shake-up from the top is necessary to boost morale. A new approach to policing is essential. It is true that the police can’t be everywhere at the same time but this is no reason for the perpetrators not to be apprehended. St. Lucia is now facing a war of attrition.

  4. The illegal guns pose an existential threat to the safety and security of every Lucian. We need strict laws, enforcement capacity, tough consequences and education to reduce the gun violence. The guns need to be taken away by any means necessary. Safety and security of citizens is non-negotiable.

  5. i agree with you deciares we need to remove the murder weapons from the people who have them but when i remember the story of the extradition of Christopher dudus coke and just listening to how that video showed how politicians and top bosses in crime co exist together it is frightening to even think what is going on in saint lucia under the table.

    • Shake up customs officials at the same time……if u offering reward monies like mongoose suggested, great idea btw, it may open up some doors and windows, but the people have no safe venue to vent their grievances,their views, complaints and calls yh…other than here at St.Lucia Times!….

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