NGP Leader Says Royal Visit To Saint Lucia Is ‘ Salt In The Wound’

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Saint Lucia National Green Party (NGP) leader Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires, citing the African slave trade and the need for reparations, has described the visit here by the Earl and Countess of Wessex as “salt in the wound’.

“It is a salt in the wound when descendants of slave owners visit us, and we have to bow down to them and big them up. It’s a little abrasive to us,” the NGP leader told St Lucia Times.

The Royal couple arrived here Friday on a Caribbean tour to celebrate the queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking her 70 years on the throne.

The tour was to include Grenada.

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But they postponed the Grenada leg amid controversy surrounding the crown’s continuing role in Britain’s former colonies in the region.

The NGP leader believes there should have been a negotiated postponement or scrapping of the visit to Saint Lucia, declaring that the Royals didn’t need to come here.

“Why have a visit in the first place, knowing the atmosphere around the world now in terms of reparations?” de Caires stated.

Nevertheless, de Caires, whose party favours ditching the Queen as Saint Lucia’s Head of State, acknowledged local and regional differences of opinion on the issue.

According to him, some people still herald the British Monarchy, look up to them, and feel that things were more efficient when the British had a direct hand in affairs.

The NGP leader expressed that this appears to be the feeling, especially among older people.

“It depends on what side you’re on,” de Caires told St Lucia Times.

He said the absence of protests here for the Royal visit came as no surprise.

“Saint Lucians don’t surprise me. We have been protesting seven years in a row for the legalisation of cannabis and only 100 or 150 people turn up despite the fact that there are 40 000 people who use ganja in the country. So Saint Lucians are not really protest people,” de Caires, former Chairman of the Cannabis Movement asserted.

“We talk a lot, but very little action,” he told St Lucia Times.

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  1. And in the meantime, my Government paid salary is not at 1st National Bank today. Why? Bank protest? The Government did not pay on time?

  2. They were nobodies that is why St Lucians didn’t waste their time and energy. Protesting their presence is a waste of time & effort. If a country does not want the queen as head anymore you protest at government house to remove the queen or ask for a referendum. De Caires why am I not hearing a demand for a referendum? Some people need to be leaders and not followers and NGP is a group of followers. Aaron is the biggest follower. Remember BLM( Black Lives Matter) and the nonsense on Consitution Park? He likes to jump on the band wagon. Did the international BLM organization gave him any money from the millions they receive?

  3. my question is why the queen never goes her self or comes with anyone ? everytime something important comes up she always sick is she afraid of what she will see or is to ashamed of these countries asking for justice for slavery

    • “GW the queen is a botain child when she was given the thrown the real Prince resides in Australia, living peacefully on his ranch with his daughters, grands and workers. The log book shows she was an outside child back in the days but it was fake. She is adamant to come visit herself because her story exposed and she inherited millions. Richard III had an outside child which is her. Google it and you will find that her DNA doesn’t match the blood line.

  4. Republicanism is on the rise throughout the region. I Expect St Lucia will eventually get on the page ,we eventually did on CIP and slowly grinding towards decriminalising cannabis and the economic benefits .
    I am hopeful that under the leadership of Philip Pierre we will progress on all fronts .

  5. @Not Relevant excellent point
    No one in st Lucia was protesting the royal visits before why now? because Barbados become a republic? or following the protest from the Jamaicans?

    • We are a follow fashion and de Caires needs to go. We eh want him talking on our behalf. He needs to go. He same colour with Chad

  6. Lucian politicians always begging all over the globe & always wishing to be knighted & called “Sir”,so of-course they’ll bow to their masters & accept them with open arms…I heard they gave PJP a gift as well,knowing how CHEAP these Royals are I could only imagine it being a picture of themselves.

  7. Did they pay us to visit or did we rape the tax payers pocket to fun these people lavish life style. Who want to see these genocide inheritance generation? Like seriously man? Is this how or leaders think. We don’t need them, our country is in deep poverty why not make some hampers and share to the people who is starving?

    • Most likely tax payers money…These ppl are extremely cheap when it comes to spending their own money,it’s either yours or their ppls money & theirs just gaining interest in a bank.

  8. I concur totally. Due to the political/socio-economical climate in these Regions, I strongly suggest that members of the British Royal Family hold back for some indefinite time, hopefully not a lengthy time before visits of any of the Royals can return. Its just not nice when people decide to drop in for a prearranged visit, not to welcome them with open arms. The St. Lucia visit was a let down. The message on their return will not ring well for these parts, in a Country which by & large is still very traditional and very conservative concerning the Royal Family, be very mindful tomorrow you may need their help militarily, just look around, there are no help except the God above.

  9. Well said Sir…I could not have stated it better myself…..Tibetans that’s who we are or even worst than them, we don’t protest anything. Like you so elegantly stated “the older folks who wants all of this” God forbid if it’s them who are left to decide our destiny, thank God their days are numbered.

  10. Such a royal visit is not relevant. We need to focus on actual issues affecting our country such as inflation , mass migration of Nurses, commissioning dialysis machines that have been in storage for years, poverty, crimes and covid related issues.

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