NGP Leader Says The Vaxxed Mas’ Is ‘Ill-Advised’

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The leader of Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) has described as ‘ill-advised’ plans to host Saint Lucia Carnival 2022, dubbed ‘The Vaxxed Mas’.

In announcing the event, organisers noted that hosting it is subject to the full approval of the Ministry of Health according to established protocols.

According to a Government Information Service (GIS) release, The Vaxxed Mas’ suggests that everyone participating must be fully vaccinated to create a safety ‘bubble’.

“I do not know if they believe that by next year the pandemic will be gone,” NGP leader Andre de Caires told St Lucia Times.’

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He cited the situation in South Africa, indicating that Omicron will be the dominant variant over a short period.

In addition he observed that the variant has a high transmission rate but is less virulent, resulting in fewer hospitalisations.

“What this suggests is Delta is mutating into a milder form. Still, it’s early days yet, and the experts say they don’t know if later on there will be complications in infected people,” the NGP leader told St Lucia Times.

“So let’s anticipate Omicron being the dominant variant in Saint Lucia by the time Carnival swings around. There’s going to be increased transmissibility. I don’t think that is a good way to take a chance with a variant when we don’t know what may be the long-term effects,” he asserted.

According to the NGP leader, the vaccinated are discriminating against the unvaccinated.

“They are very enthusiastic about partying themselves and keeping the unvaxxed out and having a great time when going contrary to all the protocols,” he expressed.

“Especially when we see 75 percent of the cases in South Africa are vaccinated – double vaxxed. So that means that the vaccination that everybody is talking now and the booster will probably not prevent them from contracting the Omicron in that mass crowd event,” de Caires observed.

“I don’t know if they thought about this really hard, but I think it is early days yet and we have to see how this thing plays out and they may have to retract this idea. At this point in time I would say it is ill-advised,” the NGP leader stated.

He lamented that the same people who have been pushing the ‘one magic bullet’ are the same ones pushing a mass crowd event that flies in the face of their ideology.

“They are the ones calling the shots and this shot is certainly off-target,” de Caires asserted.

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  1. Omi will be introduced (shocker) and then they will push for mass vax (they must get to that point….they just don’t know how to introduce is to the people!)…… i suggest yall forget about BS Mass Vax ……. but please pray tell what will be the slogan Thaddeus? Lorn? Hilliare? and crew…… i really want to know!

  2. @Nut, you are more than one – you are nuts. Don’t you understand that the science and WHO say that you can still contract and transmit the virus even if you are vaccinated? Well of course Merle Clarke, a carnival reveler, Hilaire, Thaddeus and Lorne own a band so they push for vaxxed mas in their @$$^ (I complete the slogan for them). Now after that and we have a spike, the will still blame the vaccinated. SMDH

  3. People saying they don’t understand vaccinated only things.
    Look at the concerts, football stadiums, events,etc.
    All of this is vaccinated only, where is the Covid outbreak after? Where are your conspiracy theories when you need them?
    Y’all watching football live, where is the outbreak after? But keep believing vaccines don’t work.

    • You moron. You think everyone everywhere has covid. Are you that brain dead? If no one in the stadium has covid no one else gets it. I’ve been to unvaxxed events and there were no outbreaks. See how that works out. Now go take your flu shot.

  4. u think that will convince them?? leave them…..let’s see wat the turn out will be like….surely not the same as years past……we havent seen january yet but carnival already talking….these govt leaders know wat the criminals are doing and have no strategy for it..

    lucians sorry but we are the ones paying for all the ills…those of us who work hard feed our families do the best we can for the greater good….imagine i was in the supermarket and a man blue vex saying dont worry lucia will pay for it….

    ppl are mad angry all over the place

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