NGP Leader: ‘The Pandemic Is Winding Down!’

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Declaring that he would not stop the upcoming ‘Vaxxed Carnival’, Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) leader, Andre de Caires, has explained that he supports opening up the country after some two years of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He referred to the return of the Gros Islet Friday night street party.

“If you look at Gros Islet, if you look at the boat charters everybody seems to be ignoring it now. The only thing that would actually change the situation in Saint Lucia right now is if people start dying like flies and I don’t anticipate that happening,” de Caires told St Lucia Times.

” So will I stop the carnival? I wouldn’t because all the science is also showing even though they didn’t want to talk about it in the beginning natural immunity is has a longer lasting effect than the vaccination. In fact the first shot only lasts for six weeks so are we telling people every six weeks they have to get a vaccination? So the pandemic is winding down and I think we have to get back to normal,” the NGP leader asserted.

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In December, he recalled that when South Africa reported the Omicron variant, all the news reports indicated that it was more contagious but less serious in terms of hospitalisations and deaths.

And de Caires noted that since then, there had been five variants.

He observed that Denmark stopped its vaccination programme just recently while other countries have dropped their mandates.

“You look at football in England, you look at the tennis in Spain today, you look at many of these crowded outdoor events and hardly anybody is wearing masks and everybody is going along with their lives. I believe that we have handled it here in Saint Lucia pretty good. Yes, we sympathise with people who have suffered and family members who have lost loved ones,” he stated.

But de Caires expressed that Saint Lucia should stop looking at COVID-19 cases driving its protocols.

“It’s two years now and viruses usually mutate into an endemic phase and I believe we are in the endemic phase. So I do believe cases will rise but if we look at all around the world where BA.4 and BA.5 have emerged as the dominant variant now, we see even though the cases are rising hospitalisations and deaths are to a minimum,” he told St Lucia Times.

“People have made their choice and if they get sick that’s up to them,” de Caires explained.

“Like Fauci and everybody is saying, as the science changes, the protocols will change, so I support opening up,” the NGP leader said.

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  1. I agree with Pancho. Fools only perish for lack of knowledge, if the PM talk about bananas for survival, people have a problem, Pancho mentioned natural immunity which is from the Creator ,they have a problem. The time is coming when fools will be dying like flies when vaccine can’t do anything for anyone, a virus more deadly than Covid and if people lack knowledge of natural healing shall perish.
    To hell with you all Frank Einstein experimental vaccines.
    I am proud to be a pure human instead Genetically modified. Right now everything is expose yesterday of the dangerous side effects of the vaccine and associate of Pzier arrested, but will not make the masses aware and still encouraging people to take Jab.

  2. Andre you need to stop smoking too much weed. Not everyone is to be blamed for contracting the covid virus. The pandemic is not over yet, ok. Its going to get worst. God is not sleeping, too much wickedness and bacchanal in this country of ours. I am so tired of all this none sense talk of carnival, God is in control. I bet u we ain’t having no carnival this year.

  3. Maybe he believe smoking marijuana will give us natural immunity as well. That seems to be all he’s good for.

  4. Do we really have to start dying like flies to reverse the decision? What a green party. We are finish.

    • We were supposed to be finish in march 2020. People were supposed to be dropping dead on the streets. Never saw that myself. Pretty sure you never saw that either. Hundreds of millions of people were supposed to die. Didn’t happen either. Vaccines were supposed to save us. More people now are dying than before the shots were available. All sorts of mysterious diseases are now popping up for whatever reason. With all these things happening you still pushing this nonsense. Geez man. When will y’all branch covidians stop?

  5. Don’ be fooled, wait till the tourists start coming; and that carnival jump up, you wait.

  6. It certainly is kicking back not winding down. Furthermore even on public busses, I was really stunned to see that only 3 of us wore our mask.

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