NGP Leader Welcomes New Relaxed COVID-19 Protocols

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National Green Party (NGP) leader Andre, ‘Pancho’ de Caires, has welcomed new relaxed COVID-19 protocols announced last week by Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste.

“I think Saint Lucians have been compliant and obeyed the protocols without resistance,” de Caires told St Lucia Times.

He noted that citizens have complied with the requirements to wear masks, sanitise and observe social distancing upon entering business places.

However, he recalled many ignored the protocols during carnival and emancipation day activities.

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And de Caires said for Saint Lucia to continue specific protocols makes no sense, which the government has realised.

He said the people deserve a break.

The NGP leader also reiterated the need for accountability because people who refused vaccination lost their jobs.

“People lost their livelihoods because of a personal choice,” de Caires told St Lucia Times.

“I believe in the future somebody is going to have to be held accountable,” the NGP leader declared.

Saint Lucia’s adjusted COVID-19 protocols take effect on Monday, September 5.

The new measures include removing the physical distance and mass crowd limitations, and capacity restrictions on public transportation.

 In general, wearing face masks is optional but remains ‘highly recommended’ to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

But masks are required in certain circumstances, including where many people are in close contact and when visiting certain institutions like elderly homes.

Saint Lucia has also removed the testing and vaccination requirement for entry.

But despite the significant adjustments in the protocols, the Minister of Health has warned that COVID-19 is still circulating in Saint Lucia and remains a major concern.

“Given our low immunisation rate and the growing evidence of long COVID, COVID-19 remains a public health threat. With the general relaxation of the measures, personal responsibility becomes paramount,” Moses Jn Baptiste asserted.

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  1. All of a sudden the severity of covid is waning? All of a sudden around the world people aren’t dying en mass and bodies piled up in the streets anymore? All of a sudden masks are optional even though wearing a mask was never proven to help anyone not catch covid? All of a sudden personal responsibility is at the forefront? Where was all this two years ago? Where was all this when y’all were forcing people to get jabbed or lose their jobs? Who is going to compensate all those adversely effectived by those vaccines? All those people sick after the vaccine that y’all are keeping under wraps? It is brushed aside howmany have died and developed illnesses they didn’t have before this farce of a medical experiment? Who is going to be held accontable? Personal Responsibility I guess.

  2. but no one wants to take accountability look at so many people who have taken the vaccine and they have been paralyzed or maybe even died because of forcing people to take something against their will who is going to take accountability for that? they know they will get sued so no one took the accountability if something happened to you. I want to know now whats going on with the case of dr. st rose and the medical association now

  3. And personal responsibility wasn’t paramount these last 2 years? If anyone thinks this has anything to do with anything other than making money for the Caribbean Premier League is either willfully ignorant or a flat out moron.

  4. The government shouldn’t be commended for this hypocritical move. The businesses that choose to keep it are a law unto their own. So what is government there for? They just passing the responsibility onto others. There are hundreds of studies,, showing how harmful wearing face masks for prolonged periods. There’s alot more to be said, but what’s important is this cavid protocols end and we start preparing to feed ourselves in the mist of high food prices and shortages.

  5. Mr. de Caires, the one thing I can say is that you make more sense than both our political leaders and all the members of Cabinet and Parliament (House and Senate).


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