NGP Optimistic About Saint Lucia’s Future As 2022 Approaches

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Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) has expressed optimism regarding this country’s future as a New Year approaches. However, party leader Andre de Caires notes that 2022 may be new, but the challenges are old.

“The reality is that we will be faced with the same challenges that we have been dealing with in 2021,” de Caires observed in a New Year message.

Nevertheless, he observed that every new year brings hope and a feeling of change for the better.

“Although the pandemic has caused loss of life and we must remember our fallen brothers and sisters, as a nation, we have been dealing with the situation relatively well as compared with many other nations on earth,” de Caires said.

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In this regard, he cited the example of countries to the North with their continuous waves of infection, the never-ending lockdowns, and other draconian measures regardless of their high vaccination rates.

“We must be thankful that this has not been the situation here,” de Caires stated.

But he warned that people must not let their guard down, asserting that South Africa reports suggest that the Omicron Variant is displacing Delta.

The NGP leader said that was amazing news.

He noted that from all indications, Omicron is more contagious.

But de Caires also pointed to indications that Omicron is associated with milder symptoms, is not as deadly, and will ultimately replace Delta soon.

“So we must expect more infections and hospitalisations initially, but hopefully less severe symptoms and deaths. So we continue to encourage everyone to adhere to the protocols and to do whatever is necessary to build up your immune system,” de Caires advised.

Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, he said the NGP was concerned about the upcoming dry season and the water situation.

The NGP leader recalled that in 2020 Saint Lucia experienced a severe dry season, although this year’s dry season was less severe.

However, he described it as a significant concern because the Island did not have much rain this rainy season.

“Our water catchment zones may not have received sufficient precipitation to replenish the water tables to levels that would provide the required amount of water to take us comfortably through the next dry season,” he observed.

According to de Caries, all economic sectors require water.

“Let us pray for a mild dry season,” he declared.


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