NGP Urges Saint Lucia To Boycott Summit Of The Americas

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Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) wants Saint Lucia to boycott this month’s Summit of the Americas in the United States because Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua have not received invitations to the June 6-10 event.

NGP leader Andre de Caires has called on Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to imitate Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda and others in declining the summit invitation over that issue.

According to de Caires there are several reasons why Saint Lucia should reconsider attending the summit.

Among them were Saint Lucia’s close ties with Cuba.

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In addition, de Caires observed that the Spanish-speaking country had educated many Saint Lucian professionals for decades and offered this country exchange programmes and medical workshops.

“We must consider the close ties that we have with Cuba,” he explained.

de Caires observed that decades of US sanctions on Cuba to cause regime change have failed and caused hardship for the Cuban people, while the sanctions on Venezuela have had the same disastrous effect.

He described the situation as ‘heartless behaviour’.

The NGP leader also recalled that the United States had imposed sanctions on Saint Lucia over Operation Restore Confidence (ORC).

de Caires described the sanctions as ironic.

“Being punished because of extrajudicial killings by the police, when this is a daily occurrence in the US, a crime we see being perpetrated primarily against Black people. Our son of the soil, Botham Jean being one of their victims. Who sanctions them for their atrocious behavior?” He asked.

The NGP leader said that the United States could no longer claim the moral high ground and attempt to retain leadership over the region.

But de Caires emphasised that the NGP statement was not an attack on the ‘wonderful people of America’ who are ‘some of the most polite, friendly, charitable people on the planet.’

“Saint Lucia knows this as a fact as our tourism industry entertains hundreds of thousands each year. This is a statement  highlighting their country’s leaders failed foreign policy for decades, both regionally and internationally,” he explained.

The NGP leader expressed that by failing to invite all countries in the Americas to the Summit of the Americas, the United States had exposed its ‘self-serving’ agenda.

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  1. @If You Say So …. America does not WANTA full control of the world – that is almost a done deal already.

    Mr de Caires brought up a lot of valid points of why St Lucia should “boycott” the meeting. As usual Mr de Caires hardly ever offers logical “solutions”. A boycott will not prove anything., and might not auger friendly ties at all for us. Instead he should advise the PM to bring up this agenda of “insecurities” to the US government where Cuba is concerned. Remember that President Obama had already begun “friendly terms” with Cuba, until the “Orange 45” dismantled the friendship. I think the current administration should point out to the US their (USA) biases, and what, if they have solutions to smooth out cordialities. A boycott? Hell No!! This just might bury us even more. This is not a logical solution.

  2. Totally agree. America is the biggest pot calling kettle black. They’re bullies. They want full control of the world.


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