Tuesday, September 27, 2022

NHC Concerned Over ‘Inaccurate’ Media Reports Regarding Housing Developments

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Press Release:- The Saint Lucia National Housing Corporation notes with increasing concern, the inaccurate information that has been presented in the media in relation to the Choc and Talvern Housing Developments.

Firstly, the Public -Private Partnership Agreements which was signed by The Corporation and the Contractor — Fresh Start Construction Ltd on December 30th 2019, and September 7th 2020, respectively, both had termination clauses which allowed the Corporation to terminate for convenience.

For the avoidance of doubt as to the meaning of this term, a termination for convenience clause allows the Corporation to bring an end to the contractual relationship without the need to establish the other party is in default or has committed a material breach of the contract.

The Corporation would also wish to clarify the Approval Letter from the Development Control Authority, which was shown in a local news item as evidence of approval.

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A proper and careful reading of the letter would show that the application was approved by the DCA subject to various conditions some of which had to be met before the commencement of infrastructural works. These conditions have not been met to this date, and it was the view of the Board that this breach should not continue.

The Corporation intends to honor its contractual obligations and to this end have asked the Contractor to submit his invoice for evaluation of the present value of any improvements within the developments.

It is the mandate of NHC, as a Statutory Corporation, in accordance with the desires of central government, to deliver AFFORDABLE housing. A development with projected sales prices of land between $20.00 and $30.00 per square foot, CLEARLY does not synchronize with that mandate of the National Housing Corporation.

The former Board of NHC in its entirety was NEVER involved in this 80/20 arrangement, as there are no board minutes to substantiate this decision.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. why am I reading this in the voice of richard frederick, your common word said in a particular tone always follows you. that statement came straight from this guy…smh

  2. All these contracts should be made PUBLIC the second they are signed, once you signing on my (the people) behalf show me every sentence comma, full stop tout

    You’ll politicians both sides need to stop.

  3. Words that are meaningless. The NHC has still not told the public why Fresh Start’s contract was terminated. Stop giving the public bull for information. This is a blatant act of victimization and it annoys me that a man like Mikey Pilgrim would be involved in condoning it,. A day of reckoning is coming. All of Pierre’s swearing in promises have now gone down the toilet. Our prime minister is inept and a serial liar to boot.

  4. This administration’s PR is so poor. These things have already made mileage and gotten so much traction by the time it dawn’s on them to take corrective action or even debunk the lies. I guess the lady’s various businesses which predates her appointment as press secretary, take precedence over the country’s affairs. The failings of a square peg in a round hole.

  5. This why I am requesting this new administration to legislate a freedom of information act. There are to many experts out there expressing their opinions on matters they have no clue of.

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