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NIC Toastmasters Club Celebrates International Toastmasters Day 2021

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Press Release:– The NIC Toastmasters Club celebrates International Toastmasters Day on October 22, 2021,under the theme “No one will be left behind”.

Toastmasters was introduced in St. Lucia about four decades ago and the NIC Toastmasters
Club known for its corporate status was chartered by the National Insurance Corporation
(NIC) on July 1st, 1999.

The Club was initially established for the benefit of the personal growth and development of the employees of NIC and was subsequently opened to members of the public. Currently there are two Toastmasters Clubs in Saint Lucia. The NIC Toastmasters Club and the Saint Lucia Public Service Toastmasters Club.

Toastmasters is the brainchild of Dr. Ralph Smedley, who was a Director of Education of the
YMCA. He saw the need for the men in the community to learn to speak, conduct meetings,
plan programs and work on committees and decided to organize a club where they could
learn these skills.

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President of the NIC Toastmasters Club TM Nadia Jules noted that Toastmasters celebrate 97years of existence and the NIC Toastmasters Club celebrates this great organization’s ability to be resilient, innovative, and dynamic.

Vice President for Education TM Roger Hare says that “on our theme, Toastmasters Clubs
provide a safe space for members to give and receive constructive feedback. Toastmasters
motto is, For Better Listening, For Better Thinking, For Better Speaking. If we want to
achieve those, it cannot be an individual effort. A collective effort and teamwork are how we will achieve our why. Hence, our club’s theme for the year, “No One Left Behind”.

The NIC Toastmasters Club welcomes persons interested in bettering themselves in public
speaking and building their leadership skills. The club meets every Wednesday at 5:30pm
virtually via zoom due to the ongoing pandemic. The NIC Toastmasters club is available on
all social media platforms.

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