Sunday, January 26, 2020

Nigerian Bishops Warn Priests Against Partisan Politics

Nigeria’s Catholic Bishops have directed priests and people of consecrated life not to be involved in active partisan politics, it has been reported.
According to Vatican News, the directive includes not publicly supporting any politician or political party.
It asserted that  this is against the Church’s teaching, Canon Law, and policy.

Vatican News reported that the directive was made, recently, on behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria.

The stance of the Bishops comes in the wake of a public altercation between two priests, it stated.

During a fundraising event, one of the priests suggested that presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar and his running mate, Obi might not win next year’s election if Obi did not make a specific pledge or donation to a church project.

Generally, at such fundraising events, politicians make public their contribution or pledge for projects being undertaken by the Church.

The Catholic Church has declared that it remains neutral and has no support or special relationship with any politician or political party in Nigeria and advocates for a 2019 election that will be free and fair and also free of rancour and violence.



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