Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Nine Year Old Child Shot At Ciceron

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A nine year old male has been hospitalised after being shot at Ciceron, Castries, Saturday police have confirmed.

“Apparently an individual was playing with a weapon and it went off, hitting the child,” according to one source.

The source told St Lucia Times that residents of the community caught and beat up the male individual who was in possession of the firearm.

He was also hospitalised, it was reported.

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However a male voice asserts in a voice note on social media that the suspect ran away with the weapon.

According to the voice note, a bike was sold to some individuals who went to re-sell it to another person.

“When they go and sell the bike for the man, they have a gun playing with by the man home, you check, and the gun go off in that man hand and take out the youth eye – almost kill the man youth garcon, you check it? And he run with the gun and leave the bike, everything deh,” the voice note explains.

A video of what appeared to be the aftermath of the incident that was posted on social media shows an animated group of people, with one man declaring that his child had been shot in the eye.

“Hospital my youth is,” the irate male declares above the din of the others in the video recording.

Police are investigating the report of the shooting.




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