Wednesday, November 13, 2019

No decision on the future of RSL: Dominic Fedee

The Board of Directors of Radio St Lucia (RSL) is expected to meet soon with the Civil Service Association as the government presses ahead with plans to shut down state-owned broadcaster.

The CSA is the bargaining agent for RSL employees.

The revelation was made by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dominic Fedee who held talks on Friday with the management and staff of the loss-making radio station.

Fedee, a former employee of Radio St Lucia, described the meeting as “very successful” and said it was conducted in a “very amicable” manner.

However, he said no definitive decision has been taken on the future of Radio St Lucia.

He said a number of options remain on the table, including a possible merger with the Government Information Service.

Fedee said the dialogue on RSL will continue via the Board and Union. Among the matters on the table is severance packages for the station employees.


  1. Before the man was in Government I never seen him in a three piece suit.
    Now every time I see him he has one.

  2. That is exactly what St. Lucians voted for! They need to shut up and take what Flambeau dish out… I still see the illiterates who put them there defend their actions. SMH! Fedee does not have any roots in Anse La Raye/Canaries, but Butch Stewart’s plan was well orchestrated, floating monies throughout the length and breadth of the constituency to get his hands on power….using poor people as pawns in a game that they did not understand. But the realities are slowly hitting home… Eventually, St. Lucians will pull the wool off their eyes…. and then realise St. Lucia is no more!!!!!

    • Some of you’ll people talking without knowing FACTS.
      Are you aware of the financial difficulties plaguing that place?
      That place was in a bad shape financially.
      What did the SLP do in an attempt to remedy this situation?

      If some of you guys knew the details you’ll would never talk. NEVER.

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