Thursday, November 14, 2019

‘No Evidence’ of ‘Fake Cheese’ In Saint Lucia

Press Release:– The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) in response to complaints about the quality and authenticity of cheese sold on the local market conducted a survey of
cheese products at selected retail outlets.

Conformity assessment analyses were carried out on samples of prepackaged cheese as well as bulk cheese which are repackaged locally for sale.

The analysis was conducted in accordance with internationally accepted test methods for the following principal parameters of interest: milk fat, moisture, yeast, mold and total coliform.

The authenticity of the cheese products was verified against the requirements of the international CODEX Standards for Cheese, CODEX STAN 283-1978 General Standard for Cheese and CODEX STAN 263 – 1966 Codex Standard for Cheddar.

The conformity assessment confirmed the authenticity of random samples which represent a segment of the products on the market. Results showed no evidence of food fraud (or fake /plastic cheese).

The results indicated adverse analytical findings for the parameters of yeast and
mold in products that were repackaged for sale while there were no adverse analytical findings in the samples of prepackaged cheese with all parameters within acceptable limits.

Unacceptable levels of yeast and mold in the cheese are indicative of poor storage
and handling practices which can occur from processing, storage, distribution and
final handling by the consumer.

SLBS will continue to monitor the compliance to standards of food products on
market based on determined risk levels. Retailers have been advised of the
Draft findings and recommendations for addressing the incidents of yeast and mold in
repackaged cheese.

The SLBS wishes to remind the public that food handlers play an important part in
ensuring food safety. SLBS continues to promote training and awareness of food
safety and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for food handlers to
mitigate the risk of food borne illnesses.

Retailers, manufacturers and caterers are encouraged to take advantage of training being offered.

Consumers should report incidents of non-adherence to proper hygiene practices.

The public is encouraged to contact the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards at 758
456-0102, 453 – 0049 or 456 – 0546 to report standards and quality related issues
of food products on market.


  1. Yea right but when I personally brought the so called cheese to you in a container and showed you that it was not melting you gladly took it back and refunded me and rewarded me with an umbrella and some other token. Now it’s a cover up

  2. They must be covering it up, the cheese never melted when i baked a pie, so even the bureau can be bought money talks.

  3. The problem of cheese not melting is a world wide issue. That is because of a product used in the manufacturing as prescribed by the FAA..

  4. @James the level of smart ignorance in St. Lucia is exceptional high, not because you were extended a courteous customer appreciation there was a problem but your mind is all wrapped up from being trained to be negative

  5. It is regrettable that in this day and age of “Instant Knowledge” (world wide web/internet) that people are still NOT cognizant of how to handle food properly. The so-called “fake cheese” is really badly handled cheese in the domestic environment (in the home). Cheddar, and other cheeses are to be kept cold/cool AT ALL TIMES!! If one puts it out to use, and leaves the cheese exposed for over 15 to 30 minutes, of course, it WILL change its consistency due to a warm setting (our warm climate), thus rendering it unusable. Education is key on the safe practice of food preparation, storage, so that those negative and ignorant comments would not be necessary. And no, I do not work for the SLBS or any such entity. I am a cheese “aficionado” and have educated myself on how, where and when to use certain types of cheese for the various cheese dishes I love. Further, I like my cheddar cheese “sharp”.

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