No Halfway Houses Under Consideration For Inmates, But BCF Structural Changes On The Table

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Amid concerns over the high recidivism rate at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF), Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has disclosed that halfway houses are not under consideration.

However Pierre disclosed that the government was considering structural changes at the prison.

Generally, halfway houses assist inmates nearing release with employment counseling, job placement, financial management assistance, and other programmes and services.

“There was a time when the prison seemed to be doing well as far as that is concerned,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, said regarding recidivism.

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“It seems that we are falling back a little, ” he observed.

“Things need to settle. There has been some activity going on that we need to settle. There was COVID – you find that prisoners had to be put in quarantine. There were a lot of activities happening,” the Castries East MP noted.

Nevertheless, he told reporters  on Monday that now things had settled he was sure there would be changes at the prison.

Last month the Director of Corrections Hilary Herman described the reintegration of inmates into society after serving their time as the the ‘missing link’ at the BCF.

According to Herman, forty-seven inmates returned to the prison between March 26th and July 30th.

And he lamented that with no support system or guidance to prepare them for the outside world, chances were that the cycle of imprisonment would continue.


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  1. I dont understand how you can release people out of prison and not help them back into the real world. Most of the criminals on our streets are people with a history of crime and this is one of the reasons why

  2. There must put in place some persons in charge of cooking at the prison not because they are prisoners this kind of cooking of food must be given to them


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