No Increase In The Selling Price Of Bread Products

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The Ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs would like to inform the public that the creole loaf and sandwich loaf are Price Controlled and protected by the Distribution and Price of Goods Act Cap. 13.09; and Statutory Instrument # 67 of 2013.

As per Statutory Instrument # 67 of 2013, creole loaf is EC$0.12 per oz and sandwich loaf is EC $0.15 per oz; plus, EC$0.60 for slicing and packaging per sandwich loaf. There is no legislative authority to increase the price of these products.

Any violation of the provisions of the Distribution and Price of Goods Act Cap. 13.09, and SI # 67 of 2013, can lead to fines and or to imprisonment.

Additionally, the Government of Saint Lucia is currently subsiding the price of flour to approved bakers, on condition that there is no increase in the selling price of bread products.

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Should you have any concerns, please contact the Consumer Affairs Department at 468-4239, 468-4232 or 468-4229.

SOURCE: Ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs

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  1. What is the cost of a pan or sliced bread and is the price remains, which was thirty cents a loaf,and the price whole wheat rolls (ideal.

  2. i have a concern the Morne bakery bread used to be $2.00 now they selling it at $2.50 are they on the list for approved bakers for subsidizing flour by the government? and also i hope someone from ministry of commerce and consumer affairs reads these comments cause yall need to check on massy stores, they have prices of goods on the shelf and when you go and cash its a different price now tell me if this is fare

  3. Gas has increased. How do they expect these bread vendors to recoup their costs???
    Cooking gas and fuel. Saint lucia do better!!

  4. You swear everything went backwards in st lucia under pjp the country is on auto pilot you can’t find passport birth certificate have mistakes..everything went up good for st.lucians..VOTE LABOUR YOU WILL DIE POOR AND BACKWARDS FED UP WITH ST LUCIA

  5. Dere is a mun selling bread in East Castries at the legal price. Dem tings so thin you swear you buying lead pencils. He cheating on the weight.

  6. Wow. The increase has been there since the week before the Russia/ Ukraine war! Imagine a big loaf which was sold at $2 is now $2.50. Only last week I had reasons to rebuke two bread vans plying Millet/Sarrot / Bel-Air over the whole $.50cents increase.bI was told that it’s more expensive to get the bread to us now! Smh. My salary has not changed considering busfares increased. I knew it was illegal ! Moreover, these bakers from that time have resort to sell only $2.50 loaves ! No more $0.25 loaves! Consequently, with the kids at home now, you have to spend $10 a day to purchase only four loaves; compared to spending only three dollars for 12 $.025 bread! We need some soul searching in this country!!

  7. url behind time??? now url saying no increase?? chpz….so many things raise i cant even tell the difference….smh


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