No Monkeypox In Saint Lucia, But Health Officials Remain Vigilant

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Saint Lucia is monitoring the current monkeypox situation after several countries confirmed cases of the disease this month.

However, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Glensford Joseph said that to date, Saint Lucia had diagnosed no case of the virus.

Nevertheless, he explained that the Ministry of Health would continue to be vigilant for the early detection and management of any case of imported monkeypox.

Joseph disclosed that vaccination against smallpox offers some level of cross-protection against the disease.

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“The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs is encouraging everyone to be vigilant and to seek medical care if they develop fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes or a rash, among others,” the senior Health Ministry official stated.

In this regard, he urged citizens to continue practicing the public health measures of wearing a mask when in public, frequent washing of hands with soap and water, or using alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Joseph also advised people to avoid crowded spaces, noting that these measures reduce the risk of contracting the monkeypox virus.

Dr. Glensford Joseph’s complete statement appears below:

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  1. Why don’t we always speak the truth to say that responsable of “monkey pox 🙉” is the contamination of suspect substances found in Astrazeneca, which, monkey pox 🙉 is 💯% to the anti covid.
    Analyse et détecteur by
    Chinesse docteur Miles Guo. /Pixabay.

  2. I agree with the handwashing, but how can we do that without water. We have no water more than 3 weeks.
    How about working on that.
    Wasco we need water now.

  3. We may not have the pox part but we sure have a monkey disease in the government here because they jump from limb to limb quite often.

  4. Monkey pox must be on our shores already. It just hasn’t been detected as yet. That should stop carnival , if covid didn’t. Hilaire God is in control not man, plagues coming one after the other. God don’t like abomination. Listen to his voice.

  5. I believe that the proper person to speak on this is the minister of ALL – Hilaire. since he is the final authority now on health issues.


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