No Monkeypox In Saint Lucia – Six Suspected Cases Test Negative

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In a press release dated Thursday July 21, 2022 the Ministry of Health Wellness and Elderly Affairs informed the public of the management of suspected cases of Monkeypox.

The Ministry of Health has received the test results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) of which all of the suspected cases test results returned negative for the Monkeypox virus.

As of Friday July 22, 2022 there is no confirmed case of Monkeypox in Saint Lucia.

The Ministry of Health is encouraging persons who develop fever, headache, back
pain, muscle ache, weakness, swollen lymph nodes and a rash to go to the nearest
health care facility for assessment.

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Persons are advised to take measures that limit their risk of contracting Monkeypox.

These measures include frequent washing of hands with soap and water or use of hand sanitizers, the wearing of face masks when in public spaces, and the practicing of physical distancing.

In addition, people are encouraged to eat healthy, avoid excessive use of alcohol, stop smoking, and have regular exercise.

People with chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes are asked to work
with their health care provider to ensure control of these illnesses.

The public is advised to use the Ministry of Health as the reliable source of Monkeypox information in Saint Lucia. Individuals can receive this information on the Ministry of Health Facebook page and the Bureau of Health Education Facebook page.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs will provide updates to the
public as more information becomes available.

Source: Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs. Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. Stop fooling st Lucian’s because some of us are not fool’s im a health care worker..Like you all afraid of the government tan to tan to you don’t fool god..Where is the cmo

  2. Thank goodness, I bet a lot of revealers are happy to read that as well as locals! Let’s keep it that way, crack down on temp checks,and visual body scans for legions, cysts at the …..All Marinas and Airports.! People wrap yo shi*t up! Smph please focus on WASCO especially with Cabot and now a new HYatt,….where the water comin from in dry season? They are building access road so Hyatt has carte Blanche? That’s gonna be the new drug moving funnel, cap gone….now it’s dennery, VF and laborie smph…new project will bring jobs, no doubt! But at what cost to the people, patrimony?

      • @ High Dread sit back relax with your rasta feet up and keep smoking your wise solomon grass while you put all your trust in pip and piere and hill air and ken e dee and tony and company and all them star boys will save you from whats coming down the pipelines for what they have planned for the Caribbean and the rest of the world. If it aint monkey 🐵 pox then it’s MARBURG the mutation of the IBOLA virus. So then High Grade rasta boy, you just sit back and relax and keep wearing your rasta suit while you trust your lay-bah star boys! Irie rasta boy!!!


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