‘No peace unless DSH deal revamped’

Declaring last night that he was going to choose his words carefully, former Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony told supporters of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) that there will never be peace in Vieux Fort and Saint Lucia if the controversial Desert Star Holdings Limited (DSH) deal is not renegotiated and  the project redesigned.

“If this agreement is not renegotiated, if this agreement is not redesigned, if all the offensive provisions in that agreement are not removed then I say to you tonight, there will never ever be peace in this community and in this country,” Anthony said.

Earlier he had announced that he would make a statement that ‘they’ would take far and wide and interpret in all kinds of ways.

The SLP has indicated that the  DSH deal would strangle the people of Vieux Fort by, among other things, taking away lands, denying beach access and moving farmers from Beausejour.

Anthony told his audience last night at an opposition public meeting in Vieux Fort that persons from the community where the controversial $US 2.6 billion  DSH project will be implemented have already been approached to vacate their land and leave their businesses.

“Last week I went down into Bruceville to talk to the people of Bruceville and they are scared, they are afraid and I have to accept my government did not act as quickly as it should have to make sure that the people of Bruceville own the land on which they live. All we did was to survey,” the MP for Vieux Fort South stated.

“The people who own businesses – they can take care of themselves, but I want to tell the Bruceville people that if you get any request to move do not move!” Anthony said.

He advised that persons who request that Bruceville residents move should be asked to speak with him as MP.

Anthony, a Constitutional Lawyer by profession and a former University of the West Indies Law Lecturer,  said the people who have businesses are also welcome to talk to him.

“I will put everything to make sure that the people of Saint Lucia get a fair just and reasonable agreement,” he told his audience.

“I will be standing with you arm in arm,” Anthony declared.

He called on the DSH developer to rethink the project that is slated for the South of the Island and renegotiate with the people of Saint Lucia.

Anthony accused the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) of bringing this country to its knees.



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