No Time Off For Dallas Cops During Amber Guyger Trial

Dallas police officers have been advised that they will not have have time off when the Amber Guyger trial gets underway later this month, local reports say.

The trial begins in the  week of September 23, through at least October 7, according to Fox News 4.

It reported that the ‘no time off’ directive has come from the DPP,  amid concern over the  potential fallout from the Guyger trial.

The same week Guyger heads to trial in the murder of Botham Jean, the State Fair of Texas parades into South Dallas, with hundreds of thousands of visitors a day heading to Fair Park, Fox 4 reported.

It quoted the President of the Dallas Police Association, Mike Mata, as saying that there will also be political races and elections during that time, with dignitaries coming in and out.

Amber Guyger is charged with murder in the death of Saint Lucian Botham Jean.

She was originally charged with manslaughter.

The unarmed Jean was gunned down in his own apartment on September 6, 2018.

Guyger, at the time an off duty cop in full uniform, has contended that she mistook his apartment for hers and thought he was a burglar.

She was subsequently fired from the Dallas police force.

The fatal shooting of Botham Jean sparked international outrage with demonstrations in Dallas and in his native Saint Lucia.


  1. Americans are for Americans its not like saint Lucians against saint Lucians
    So they’ll try anything possible to get that girl off the hook.

  2. Very True Her Lawyers will Come with all Sorts of excuses to get her off that case .Because She was not Charged for Murder which is a Clear case of Murder.And That Amber Lady is a White woman .The Grudge is also white.I pray that the Family get a fair Trail with that Mandlaughter Charge and then Sue the State for the innocent man

  3. Listen to you all STUPID ST. LUCIANS. Isn’t it the JOB of Amber Guyger’s lawyers to come up with every play in the book to get her off? Wouldn’t your lawyer have to do the same for you or your family if you were in such trouble? So stop it already with your ignorance. Justice means equal arms presenting their cases and the prosecutor also has all his plays to convince the jury that Amber Guyger is a murderer. By the way Guyger WAS charged for murder so stop misinforming.

  4. I think this woman should be locked up for a very long time. However I am afraid that she might walk a free woman. The charge of murder is just too much of a high burden to prove in that matter. Not that I don’t believe it was murder or she is not deserving of the charge. Emotions should have been set aside and go for something that would ensure her spending time in prison. So a charge like manslaughter, although not at severe, would have been more plausible.

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