No Truth To Reports That Missing US Tourists Found Off Saint Lucia

Officials in Saint Lucia and Barbados have dismissed as untrue, reports that the bodies of two missing Americans were found off Saint Lucia.

“That is not true from our end,” a Saint Lucia law enforcement official told St Lucia Times Friday.

“What is true is that we have gone out to assist in searching,” the official said.

Barbados Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Kerrie Symmonds has also denied the reports of the missing Americans having been discovered off the coast of Saint Lucia.

Barbados Today quoted the minister as saying that the reports were entirely untrue.

“I urge us [Barbadians] to be mindful of the fact that the couple both have families on the island at this point and what they are going through is really unimaginable. It is a tremendous level of personal pain, distress and concern; and what is really most unhelpful for them to be put through emotional peaks and troughs like a roller coaster based on empty speculation of what is largely idle gossip,” Barbados Today quoted Symmonds as saying Saturday morning.

According to the publication, with assistance from an Air Force C130 from the US Government, the search has spanned the South Western and South Eastern side of St Vincent and Saint Lucia, and as far north as the western side of Martinique.

Oscar Suarez, 32, and Magdalena Devil, 25, traveled to Barbados last week and planned to go home a week later.

On Monday, they did not return after renting the watercraft from a local operator, according to Barbados Police.

Reynaldo Huaman, a cousin of Oscar Suarez, told St Lucia Times Friday that the family welcomed the news that Saint Lucia has joined the search.

“The family is really desperate at this point but hopeful,” he stated, adding that each hour that passes is critical.