‘Non-Conforming’ Transformers Withdrawn From Market

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) has withdrawn non-conforming transformers from the market here because of the risk to the health and safety of consumers, the SLBS announced Tuesday on its official website.

According to the SLBS, an assessment of the product brand Trisonic Step Up and Dowwn transformers, models TS-401-3P, TS-402 3P and TS-405 3P, indicate that the devices are unsafe due to the ease with which voltage settings can change.

The bureau noted that this can cause damage to the appliance and injury to the user.

It observed that the withdrawal was initiated against the requirements for safety of power transformers, power supply units and shall be so constructed similar devices.

The SLBS quoted the requirement which said that transformers with more than one┬árated supply voltage “shall be so constructed that the voltage setting cannot be changed without the aid of a tool.”

The bureau disclosed that it has issued a notice of the breach to the retailer and has removed the items from the market.

According to the SLBS, consumers who have bought the items should return them to the seller for a refund.

Persons wishing more information regarding the specifications of the transformers have been invited to call the SLBS at 453-0049.

According to the bureau, breach of the compulsory standard constitutes a summary offence under Section 32 of the Standards Act No. 14 of 1990, punishable by a fine of $10,000 and an additional penalty of $1,000 for every day on which the offence continues or to imprisonment for 6 months and ‘such goods are liable to be forfeited to the state.’


  1. Finally – an agency that represents the average consumer!!! I am aware that such moves may increase spending as quality products are more pricey- Hope the public understands and appreciates the cost trade-offs to follow.

    Good Job!

  2. Yes there is a market for all kind of things.Not all of us have money,or can aford the good stuff of reputable brands.Thats why all these cheap things make an impact in the market.But lets stop all this and not allow these cheap and fraud things to be sold on this island.There is a trend and a certain chain of stores that sell all these cheap things lets put an end to the fraud.

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