Non-Issuance Of Isolation Discharge Letters For Work Places

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Press Release:- Sunday January 30, 2022 marked two years since the outbreak of COVID-19 was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization Director General.

On March 11, 2020 the outbreak of COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. On that same day, Saint Lucia confirmed its first case of COVID-19. Since then over twenty thousand cases have been diagnosed with over 300 deaths recorded.

Public health officials have managed 5 waves; each wave with its own peculiarities and challenges requiring the institution of numerous and differing measures and policies to best manage the ever increasing number of confirmed cases.

The establishment of a contact tracing process, the isolation/quarantine facilities, the
establishment of the monitoring of isolated cases at home, the issuance of guidelines to
workplaces and the private sector, the setting up of a respiratory hospital and respiratory clinics, the commencement of a COVID-19 vaccination program, are some of the measures instituted to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As we enter another phase in the management of this pandemic, the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs today announces changes to the discharge process for individuals diagnosed with COVID-19.

The letter of discharge from isolation or clearance letter as it is commonly referred to will no longer be issued by an official from the Ministry of Health for the workplaces.

All persons tested either because they were symptomatic or were identified through the contact tracing process are issued a sick leave document.

The sick leave is a legal document which indicates the number of days of isolation from work and the day that individual is fit to return to work.

For persons who have had no symptoms throughout their isolation period they are fit to return to work once the sick leave has ended and they are free of symptoms.

For persons who have been experiencing symptoms and continue to be symptomatic after the sick leave has ended they should remain at home and not return to work unless directed and/or assessed by a health care provider.

The Ministry of Health solicits the understanding, cooperation and support of the Saint Lucian populace as we continue to manage this pandemic and strive to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

(Statement by Medical Surveillance Officer – Dr. Dana DaCosta Gomez)

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  1. @Stay Calm just asking; are you an employer and if so what systems do you have in place where other employees want to know that this employee is clear or else they too would go to their doctors and get sick leave just so? And you know that there are doctors who give sick leave just so…..

  2. That is why the PCR is not a diagnostic test for disease.

    A person can have the virus particles inactivated, broken, non functional, continue to be present in their nasal passages, meaning they are recovering (the virus is no longer able to reproduce or infect another individual). The person’s immune system is clearing the virus. These persons will test positive just like someone who is just infected and potentially contagious. The test cannot say what stage you are at especially if you are not symptomatic.

    Therefore as “generally speaking” stated he or she tested positive for 3 months, would you as an employer keep this employee out of work for 3 months until the test came back negative.

    In the same vain some people depending on the time of testing, get a negative result and two or three days later retest and are positive. So if they stayed at work during that window period were they not potentially exposing others.

    Therefore we are left making assumptions as to the infectivity of people.

    Just follow the protocols at work, keep your hands and surfaces clean, build up and support your immune system. Reduce your opportunities for exposure if your health is suboptimal. If you are experiencing sysmptoms go see a doctor, get your sick leave and stay home. Stop the confusion. Simple.

    Stop panicking about people coming back to work without a paper. It is irrelevant and was a waste of time and resources, this new measure is more practical and efficient.

  3. Are we adopting the position that being asymptomatic is synonymous with being “non-communicable” — and cannot therefore spread the disease? As far as I am aware, even when a person is asymptomatic, they are well capable of transmitting a communicable disease to others! Testing on the way out of your isolation is still a good practice.

  4. @G.W there is no tested before u leave isolation. Protocal has changed between 7- 14 after infection you are no longer considered infectious. People can still test positive for months after recovery.

  5. I had covid- and tested positive on regular basis for 3 months! 3 Months- trois mois! tres mesas! and yet these “lunatics” are saying you can return based on a speicfied time frame of a few days and when you ” feel better” ? Are you health and HR professionals serous? wth is this

  6. @rude what you saying about the asymptomatic people is true but the ministry will always test people and have always tested people in isolation before they leave. i think they are doing this new way now maybe because the work places of people giving them problems for sick leave. i am not sure but that’s just my theory but they will always test you to make sure you are negative even if you show no symptoms

  7. This policy is so ridiculous, it is a fact that asymptomatic people remain positive some three weeks after testing positive.
    So then why not ensure that there is a negative test before release from isolation?

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