Non Nationals Plead Guilty To Barbados ATM Fraud

Barbados Today:- Two Colombians and a Romanian national two of whom were caught with fraudulent banking cards confessed to stealing money from various ATMs of Republic Bank when they appeared in the District “A” Magistrates Court earlier yesterday.

Sorin Cretu, 42, the Romanian pleaded guilty to stealing $300 belonging to the bank on July 30; Colombian Leonar Suarez Castro, 36, pleaded guilty to stealing $800 belonging to the bank between July 29 and 31 and having eight adapted ATM cards for use in connection with theft on July 31 while Luis Alberto Salazar Espinal, 45, pleaded guilty to stealing $1 500 between July 28 and 31 and having 11 adapted cards on July 31.

Espinar was fined $2 500 immediately or two years in jail; Castro was also fined $2 500 immediately or two years and Cretu was fined $2 000 forthwith or 18 months in prison.

All were ordered deported on payment of the fines or upon serving the time.


  1. And remembered a few yeats ago they caught some in st lucia. Thet were set free and jus deported sayin nothing they can do because they didn’t have a translator in the court that can speak their language smh.

  2. So Sad. Condolences to the Best family and those who loved him.
    We lost a great young man with a great future.
    Where is a safe place in T&T?


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