Norbert Urges More Access Ramps, Other Measures To Facilitate Disabled People

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The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate for Micoud North, Jeremiah Norbert,  believes more access ramps and other features to assist disabled people should be incorporated into buildings.

Norbert was injured in a motorcycle accident in February and lost his leg as a result.

“I used to walk without any crutches or any apparatus, now I had to learn to walk with crutches,” he disclosed during this week’s edition of the SLP programme, Town Hall Tuesdays.

“I have had reasons to go out on a few occasions and it caused me to think, when we build we need to take into consideration that there are people who are not able to access the stairs and they may have to use elevators and ramps and I think these are features that need to be incorporated into buildings right now,” the SLP candidate stated.

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He observed that anyone can get involved in an accident and lose a limb.

“And you would like to know that if you were to lose a limb, what you could get is comfort in terms of accessibility – you would get a ramp if you have to use a ramp,” Norbert said.

“I think we have to see a lot more access ramps built and I think it should be made mandatory that when you are building any type of structure, you consider the people who are not able to walk or those who are confined to wheelchairs or things of that sort,” the Micoud North candidate observed.


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