We are not persuaded Jeannine

I am deeply troubled by Jeannine Compton-Antoine’s eleventh-hour revelations, where she accuses a fellow UWP colleague of sexually harassing her on government property.

Women have a hard enough time being taken seriously when we report sexual crimes perpetrated against us. It does not advance the cause of victims rights’ when belated and uncorroborated allegations as serious as Jeannine’s are so clearly politically motivated.

This charade from a leader who has stood with suspected abusers and who tragically remained silent when her voice in support for the Sex Offender Registry could have made a real difference.

Now, sadly, we must call into question her true reasons for leaving the United Workers Party. It strains credulity to think she would disavow a party because of stale allegations of sexual harassment, only to join forces with a party whose ranks swell with accused rapists.

We are not persuaded, Jeannine.

Camille St Omer


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