Novak Djokovic: Australia Cancels Top Tennis Player’s Visa

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BBC News:– World number one tennis player Novak Djokovic has been denied entry to Australia over an issue with his visa.

The player arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday where authorities noticed a mistake on his application.

Djokovic was due to play in the Australian Open, after being exempted from vaccination rules.

He has been told he will be deported but his lawyers have said they will challenge the decision, Australian media report.

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The tennis star had been quizzed in a room at Melbourne airport for hours while his visa and exemption status was being investigated.

His team had not requested a visa that permits medical exemptions for being unvaccinated.

It is not clear whether he will remain in Australia while his lawyers attempt to overturn the decision.

Djokovic has not spoken about his vaccination status, but last year he said he was “opposed to vaccination”.

His treatment has provoked outrage in his native Serbia. Djokovic’s father, Srdjan Djokovic said his son was had been in a room guarded by police.

President Aleksander Vucic said the star was a victim of “harassment”, and that “the whole of Serbia”, supported him.
Earlier, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Djokovic would be refused entry to the country unless he provided evidence that he could not be vaccinated for medical reasons.

Australia is seeing tens of thousands of Covid-19 cases for the first time after enduring some of the world’s strictest restrictions.

The Australian Open begins on 17 January in Melbourne.

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  1. AllĂ´ Fox : ) Angel is my moniker. Bestowed on me by those who know me.
    Your assessment is accurately placed between Djokovic and Nadal. Nadal is a class act, sweet and humble – love him!
    Djokovic is always acting like a petulant child. He’s talented, but lacks humbleness.
    He and that Aaron Rodg*rs dude are the two biggest douche-bags in sport.
    Wishing a blessed and safe weekend. x

  2. Angel I hope this is your real first name, you are quite an Angel; of all the Tennis players, this is one guy I cannot stand. I don’t know but there’s something about him which is different from the others. My favourite is Nadal. As far as I’m concerned, they should lock his axx up for the whole season.(have a good day, and Happy New Year)

  3. Here we go with that ” T ” word blah..blah..blah…Idiot, go familiarize yourselves with the meaning of Tyranny.The moment you menace’ can’t have your selfish, unlawful ways, this word becomes your scapegoat. Countries have rules and laws, you either respect and abide by them, or face the consequences. Don’t try to cheat or skirt to get around them. Bottom line, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. He got the first class idiot treatment here – a flight straight back to Serbia. Do not pass go, and do not collect 200$. You fools never learn..

  4. It was within the rules to own slaves. It was within the rules for women not to vote or have rights. It was within the rules for the earth to be the centre of the universe. Don’t be an idiot. All the man is doing is exposing the tyrannical desires of a country and individuals like yourself.

  5. Good on the Australian boarder officials. He thought he could skirt the rules with his so called ” exemption “.
    Rules are rules buddy, learn to respect and abide by it like the rest of us mortals.

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