NPA In ‘Full Agreement’ With Resuming Face-To-Face Schooling

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Saint Lucia’s National Principals Association (NPA) has voiced support for the resumption of face-to-face schooling, announced Wednesday by the Ministry of Education.’

“We are in full agreement with the Ministry of Education regarding the decision to resume face-to-face instruction next week,” NPA President Valerie St Helene-Henry told St Lucia Times.

“For the past two weeks we have had our grade 6 students at the school and when we began the first Monday the attendance was low,” she recalled.

“But it became apparent that students who were out or who were ill and on the 14 days of quarantine or isolation were slowly returning,” the NPA President noted.

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“We were glad that most of them were coming in with their clearance letters and it was an indication across the board even with students who were ill at home and were online, they too were beginning to get their clearance letters and were back to normal. We can say the same thing happened with the teachers because the situation became really critical when some schools were unable to manage because of the number of teaching staff who were out either due to contact tracing or being COVID-19 positive,” St Helene-Henry explained.

She disclosed that the situation was not the best for principals who were under a lot of pressure.

The NPA President said officials based the decision to resume in-person classes on several considerations and advice from the Ministry of Health.

She noted that top education officials had met the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU).

“Going forward maybe if any situation may arise it may be on a case by case basis because we are seeing nationally the results are showing that the COVID-19 cases are reducing significantly,” St Helene-Henry observed.

In a statement Wednesday, the Ministry of Education announced a decision to resume face-to-face school on Monday, February 7, which may include a whole-school or alternate day approach.

According to the statement, school principals will disclose their school-specific operational plans.

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  1. Denmark has an efficient health care system we don’t. Denmark has an efficient social safety net we don’t. Denmark has the strength of the EU we don’t. Stop comparing us to these developed countries which removed their restrictions. They have options we don’t. Build us proper function hospitals with state of the art equipment and highly specialised medical practicioners, fix our social safety net then tell me about lifting restrictions!

  2. Danish officials lifted most of the country’s pandemic-related restrictions on Tuesday, as the country no longer considers COVID-19 to be a “socially critical disease,” AP reports.

  3. Does st Helen know the meaning of significantly – Please check your dictionary. Yes the rate has gone down but not significantly.

  4. 130 cases today. That is still quite high. The situation is getting better, but going back with the cases still relatively high can bring us back to square one very quickly.

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