NPA Issues Statement On SMC Hair Grooming Controversy

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The National Principals’ Association (NPA) has commented on the hair grooming controversy at St. Mary’s College (SMC), lamenting that it has gone to litigation.

In a statement Wednesday, the NPA said it was ‘distinctly aware’ of the ramifications of the case on the wider education system.

The complete NPA statement appears below:

Statement By The National Principals’ Association On Impasse Between St. Mary’s College and Parent

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As a professional organisation, the NPA has taken a keen interest in developments related to the impasse at caption.

While we lament that the matter has gone to litigation, we are distinctly aware of the ramifications of such a case on the wider education system.

All schools have rules tailored to the specific contexts of their individual environments. However, we believe that this situation presents a unique opportunity for stakeholders to unite in a collective effort to, as much as possible, standardise school rules within the parameters of the Education Act.

To this end, the NPA stands ready to engage the respective stakeholders in an effort to begin this consultation process.

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  1. Will the ‘system’ at SMC ever change? what about the SJC girls school, any change there?
    If & when they graduate else where/ they’ll adapt to that bubble/or face the exit/the world is changing/some like it so, but top jobs don’t/ find wisdom, not luck/ God can help!!!!

  2. From the ridiculous to the sublime and getting worse as time goes by. I don’t know how many SMC students like myself who attended the original building in Castries are still around. Back then the Irish Presentation Brothers had just took over, back around 1956-7. This I think was a miscalculation by the Catholic Administration of the time. (but of course they never change) The dress code(uniform)was rigorously enforced, being seen in Town outside of school time, not wearing your uniform, or either that ridiculous Helmet or School Cap – detention. One Saturday, three of us(one has since died)were at the Columbus Square, kicking a ball around. We were about 14-15 yrs of age. That Prefect, who later in his Exalted lofty and so called noble life became Governor General, was notice watching at us from the balcony of the Carnegie Library-next day, detention(after we had said sorry to him) We didn’t know at our tender age, we couldn’t laugh aloud on our time in public. my buddy ‘Sage’ was slapped on his face, the hand mark was left on his fair skin face, crying loudly. You don’t dare complain, he was only a little late arriving on the play ground at Vigie, for Sports. Another was late, and explaining why he said he had to do something for his father; the School Master then asked sarcastically ‘for which of your fathers’?
    I must ask, have things changed at all? Now my kids did, so did my grand kids, some still do: the difference is, in this civilized world of ours, no school ‘Brother’ or Teacher dare slap i kid, commit one for a ‘Black Book’ for canning on Saturday morning or call one a monkey. Where I am none of the boys, be black, Latino or Phillipino or white step out of line, they all have to respect School Rules, or else guess what: Rules are Rules. Prais the Lord & go yo School.

  3. progressive my foot… wonder the kids engaging in all kinda nonsense they see adults do…now the child in question is at school already….quit these statements…..woye!!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Is the NPA making a statement for making a statement sake? This “statement” says absolutely nothing. As a “professional organization” you are trying to make a statement on a matter that impacts your profession and you trying to be politically correct. What nonsense! Absolutely no leadership from a group of people who lead schools.

    • You sign to abide by the school laws and now because you have a change of style you have a problem. So are you saying my child can come to school with a black jeans pants because that’s the style he likes. Nonsense

      • We live in a dynamic society and change is inevitable. RULES A MEANT TO BE CHALLENGED FROM TIME TO TIME. That’s what progressive societies do.

      • Many of us did. We still graduated with distinction. And most of us went on to get degrees with honours. Your point? You retards need to stop talking about a culture y’all don’t understand. You’re a yard nigga trying to hold down a field nigga.


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