NPA President Calls For Urgent Action To Address School Security

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The President of the National Principals Association (NPA) has expressed concern about reactive school security measures and wants the authorities to urgently make learning institutions secure.

The President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU), Don Howell, recently voiced similar concerns.

On Tuesday, NPA President Valerie St Helene-Henry told St Lucia Times that security has constantly been on the agenda of meetings of principals, teachers, and education ministry officials.

“What has been addressed are just the basics in terms of the calibre of – we call them watchmen, not even security, at schools,” the NPA official observed.

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She said they get some training but asserted there’s a need to upgrade the calibre of individuals on duty at some schools.

“In terms of security, when you hear the word to me, it’s at a higher level,” St Helene-Henry noted.

“The watchmen we have at the schools, some of them lack training. Some of them need to be replaced – it’s a grave concern,” the NPA President told St Lucia Times.

“We don’t have too much confidence in the present persons we have at our schools. There are lots of horrific stories to tell as they relate to school security,” St Helene-Henry declared.

The NPA official also expressed concern over easy access to schoolyards due to inadequate fencing.

She explained that several schools have unstable or no fencing at all while people traverse some schoolyards to get to their homes.

As a result, St Helene-Henry called for an urgent needs assessment, adding that some more recent schools enjoy a security advantage over others that have been in existence for some time.

She lamented that over the years, when there’s been a security issue, there are meetings with the police, and the authorities put measures in place, including patrols.

“After a while, everything dies down and we are back to the same situation,” the NPA President told St Lucia Times.


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  1. Valerie, Valerie, Valerie why are you people so reactive. Hasn’t school security on this island been in its current state for a very long time. So why wait when something happens to lament it’s weaknesses. Why wait when there are school shootings in North America to worry about the state of security in your schools? Isn’t this too reactive on your part my dear lady. It you have been better to have said nothing.

    Moving forward, your school security unity can continue with your so called watchmen as part of a blended team. Blended either with competent men and women from a private security company, or persons hired and trained as Special Police Constables for that specific purpose. If you anticipate a US style incident at one of your schools, then you can have at least one trained and competent armed guard on your compound at all times during school hours. But I can already hear the response to this – cost will be prohibitive and why have armed guards amongst students!

  2. Yes Monky just sharing some news with you. Last night a watchman was tied up and beaten up at a Castries school and the school broken into. Items upon items stolen and the watchman beaten up badly. So tell me what should the principal had done to prevent that. Tell me where is lie in the response by the president of NPA. I will rest this here for now.

  3. Let’s face the facts our educational institutions are not functioning to it’s full capacity. Education along with Primary Health Care are NOT a top priority for any Government thus far in St. Lucia, and this clearly shows why the island IQ level is below par. If someone choose to steal from a school or hospital then such individual or individuals clearly have no future and absolutely no respect, as my parents sometimes say that child wasn’t brought up he/she was dragged up. I also find that this Island have too many association and clusters. Unity is lacking for the breakaway of these entities along with political agenda. I recalled the UWP brain was the then president of the youth organization for there political will, when they succeeded the youth and sports ministry turn there back on fostering programs for the youths and communities. What must be noted is that there were stern move to convert field or find space to create fields for footballers a massiv drive was undertaken, while cricket facilities were left to fall apart and other sports was practically neglected. The prospect of st. Lucia and it’s future is in Limbo, in government we have too many doctorates as minister and consultants but they are failing the entire island miserably and also degrading our people who are resident in other countries. What we can only talk about St. Lucia is salt water and beaches. Nothing else because the Health, education, road, water is poorly maintain. We have nothing to show to justify where are all the tourism money is going. Corruption is like corrosion it eats away at everything it get on and yet many turn a blind eye.

  4. SLTU and NPA are two educational entities that are everything but educational. Their leaders are relics of the past. Are they ever coming up with ideas to actually help the nation’s children. Poor leadership is evidence in most of our schools.


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