NPA Welcomes Adjustments To School Operations

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The National Principals Association (NPA) says it is satisfied with the decision this week by the Ministry of Education to adjust school operations, asserting that it should have come sooner.

“We are happy that the Ministry of Education after consultation with the right stakeholders was able to decide to close,” NPA President Valerie St Helene-Henry told St Lucia Times.
And she expressed that the impact of COVID-19 on several schools influenced the decision.

“The fact is that principals are the ones who have to manage. We had high absenteeism by teachers and students as well and low productivity. So I think the decision to allow the process to take place, especially the two-week quarantine that a number of students and teachers had to go through, we think that the decision was necessary,” St Helene-Henry explained.

The Ministry of Education announced that based on recent stakeholder engagements and consultation, it decided to suspend classes for Thursday, January 20, 2022, and Friday, January 21, 2022.

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The Ministry also stated that during the week of Monday, January 24, 2022, to Friday, January 28, 2022, face-to-face instruction will continue for Early Childhood Education Centres, Grade 6 students, Form 5 students, and Vocational and Tertiary Institutions.

“All other groupings will revert to the Distributed Learning Approach as per the Continuity of Learning Plan,” it stated.

“The issue of having exam classes in face-to-face, I suppose the Ministry recognised the importance of the programme these students are facing although within that group there are students and teachers who are sick as well. But it gives the principals a little window of opportunity to be in a less stressful environment and to manage a little better because of the high number of teachers who are absent,” the NPA President said.

St Helene-Henry was confident that principals would manage, finding creative and innovative ways to ensure that the students in face-to-face classes get the necessary instruction.

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  1. What about the parents of the the that has to go to work for example kids that are going daycare,this means that this decision was made and wasn’t thinking about some of the parents that works, in this case the teacher’s that won’t be in school shouldn’t get paid cause they are not at work, this decision was only one one side but it’s has two ways in everything

  2. I dont know what slp is trying to prove and satified its a pandemic for crying out loud this has nothing to do with Chas its a pandemic!!! Up to now mia has not reopebing phsical schooling, its seems mia is de man and pjp has vigina

  3. I think with a leader like you NPA stands for Non Productive A$$#$. That’s what you welcoming sellout, SLP clown. After 2 days Covid will miraculously disappear from schools and teachers and students will be good to go. Worse yet Covid don’t attack Grade 6 and Form 5 students or for that matter children in Special Education Centers, Vocational and Tertiary Education Institutions. What a joke with our policy makers and their die hard followers. Valarie shame on you to have the nation classify principals as backward thinking and dumb.

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