Thursday, September 29, 2022

NPA Welcomes Plans To Adopt Kweyol In Saint Lucia Schools Fully

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The National Principals Association (NPA) has welcomed a plan to fully adopt Kweyol in schools across Saint Lucia, asserting that Saint Lucians are Kweyol people and the language represents their identity that they must embrace.

However, NPA President Valerie St Helene-Henry has acknowledged that the initiative will present initial challenges.

“It will be a long process, but we are ready,” she told St Lucia Times.

According to local education officials, the plan is to get students bilingual by the end of primary school and bi-literate by the end of secondary school.

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St Helene-Henry noted that Saint Lucians already speak English and Kweyol.

The NPA President also observed that right now, some people look down on Kweyol and stigmatise individuals who speak it.

“We need to destigmatise it and stop the stereotyping. I know it is going to be difficult especially in some schools. It depends on where the children are from and what homes. The parents need to embrace it as well,” the NPA official said.

In addition, she noted that training teachers is part of the process, while monitoring is also essential to ensure that the Kweyol language is being used well and in the right way.

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  1. Is that true, those who are flooding St-Lucia,marries men for papers and when their buissness fixed,those men that marries them dying slow motion,not even doctors can give an answer to their death ? OR is it too much CEMENT in the delicious, making their belly swell ?

  2. St.Lucia needs to do everything possible to retain and develop the kweyol language. This is in the heart of our cultural heritage. It is concerning that a significant number children all over the island and even in the economically challenged areas do not speak kweyol, while playing with their friends. Children can learn both languages at the same time. We cannot afford to give up such a critical part of our cultural identity in the pursuit of material gains. An investment in kweyol language acquisition and development is worth it.

  3. They now speak of patois so highly yet many Foreigners who hold a St Lucian passport cannot understand neither can speak patois. Guyanese are flooding St Lucia for decades yet they do not speak and are not interested in speaking it yet they have house and land and leaving comfortable on the island. Our young teachers cannot speak patois and many cannot even understand it. Will patois be a requirement in getting a job? Will you put this as a requirement in order to hold a St Lucia passport or to become a citizen of St Lucia? If you are serious make it compulsory for Foreigners too. Let me see how serious this patios learning is to you.

  4. Thank God for those beautiful boys and girls ! I don’t know !
    But the challenge of a decision now confronts us too, whose are already darkened ( may be) in their understanding, which, will be more a burden having lost sensences of the former languages which English is an international language, from England which is the best speaking English,than to adopter créoles.

  5. Were the parents consulted on this? is there not a parent teacher association at the national level that can advocate for their kids education? the St lucia teachers union aint doing sheet! just taking their salary and looking the other way! and since its incompetent SLP, the unions all of a sudden have become mute, death, dumb and blind! this stupid idea can’t go on! it will be detrimental to the students! focus on speaking a language they can use officially elsewhere. ask the africans where their local dialect have gotten them? even in europe where the ukrainians speak their own language and the greek speak theirs ect.. to be sucessful these professionals know one thing; they must learn English. If they don’t they can only operate in their own countries and not beyond it. The chinese, japanese all of them know that too. and these people can afford to do business in just their own country at least. with tiny st lucia with zero job opportunities except for political hacks, how you all expect kids to prosper using kweyol outside st lucia? because many have to leave this little 2 by 4 island to get employment! well i dont have kids so it dont matter to me! but concerned parents should write and sign a letter to the ministry of no-education and ask them to withdraw this decision immediately!

  6. St Lucia is like a rocking chair. Always moving but never able to leave its spot. Hogwash. 75% of our teachers can t spell ten patois words. 90% of those in the North can t hold a 30 second conversation in kweyol. Old friends with NO ideas.

  7. How competitive will this make them on the world stage of business . With the second lowest IQ of only 62 ,in the world we should try to develop our children to make them relevant … but then again those in power want us to eat more green fig and remain in the 60s and 70s … so they can rule over us ‘Species Ignoramus

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