NTN Premiere’s Hayden Forde’s “Silent Scars” – The CARIFESTA Production

By John Robert Lee

NTN premiered Hayden Forde’s ” Silent Scars” last night.

The play was performed in San Fernando during Carifesta. The television production brought out the powerful drama of the story; the excellence of the acting – by the very gifted Miranda Austin, Kazia James, and Marinus A. Martin – as well as the musical bridges provided by cellist Pearl Tench, which highlighted the dramatic and emotional intensity of Forde’s play.

Lighting, sound and stage décor were by the experienced Adeltrude Jn Charles. Forde directed. 

As one of the three theatrical St. Lucian offerings at Carifesta, this social realism, set in our small island urban community, was very representative of themes and styles in our theatre.

As I said elsewhere, Forde is certainly firmly in the line of major St. Lucian playwrights which includes Derek and Roderick Walcott, Stanley French, McDonald Dixon, Kendel Hippolyte and Gandolph St. Clair. 

Now that our actors, dancers, musicians, directors, choreographers, playwrights  have been exposed ( many for the first time) to top quality theatres in Trinidad, well equipped and managed, they will want comparable facilities at home to produce and perform their work.

Saint Lucia did very well at Carifesta, in all areas – arts & crafts, fashion, book selling, writers’ readings, theatre, dance, music.

A whole new wave of talent and dedication is now with us. They will need support from many quarters and in many areas. Training opportunities, chances for travel, facilities at home. The contingent provided a good mix of experience and new talents.


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