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Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm

NTU Cries Foul Over $1.1 M Payout To Bus Operators

The National Taxi Union (NTU) has accused the government of sidelining the organisation, while showing favour to minibus operators.

The government recently paid $1.1 million in fuel rebate cash to the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT).

Bu the NCOPT said it has to discuss conditions for accepting the money.

However, National Taxi Union President, Lucien Joseph, asserted that while the bus drivers get government money, they pay less than everyone else for licenses.

“Everything is being done in favour of the minibus drivers,” Joseph lamented.

He said taxi drivers are prepared to accept concessions from the government.

According to Joseph, they are losing seats in the industry with the arrival of mega ships.

“I have seen the danger, because in a few days from now the ground handlers will tell us we cannot give them what they want, so they will have to invest and buy their own vehicles,” the NTU President told St Lucia Times.

According to Joseph, to compete with the outside world taxi drivers need good vehicles.

“The only sector that cannot get concessions is the taxi sector,” he explained.

“I have tried everything I can but it is to no avail,” the NTU President said.

He observed that part of the problem lies with taxi drivers themselves, a lot of whom do not think like business people.

“They are just hand to mouth,” Joseph complained.

“The government, recognising that, is taking advantage of that and putting division within the system,” he told St Lucia Times.

Joseph warned that the taxi sector is under serious threat and in danger of being taken over by the ‘top dogs.’

“We cannot compete because we do not have the tools to compete,” he asserted.


  1. NTU is fake they do not represent taxi drivers and is a political group. from 2011 to 2016 under the SLP for five years we got no duty free, this same Mr. Lucien said to us taxi drivers that the SLP Gov could not aford to give us duty free but he use to give all his friends, He was the top dog in the sector for years he kept quiet but now he is on the move again. this Gov offer the NTU 70% duty off and they refuse to accept the offer, it has been years the reps (ground handlers) use drivers that want to work with them because that same Norbert Lucien in 1998 did not renew the taxi contract with them again Slp was in power he said then the reps are not making money and could not give any increase but it was part of the arrangment for a 5% increase in taxi fare way back then in 1998. I can go on and on up to present day. so please Norbert do not gave the public the impression that you for the sector because you are not.

    • Keep on preaching about the big bad boogey-man SLP, while your favored UWP have all the power and are royally screwing up.

      • Do not paint me please my point is mr. Lucien is a well know Slp supporter and i have no probs with that, but if you are representing the taxi sector leave politics a side, if he said what he is saying now back then we would have been far better now, as for the Reps ( Ground handlers) they should have never be in control as they are today and that is only because he did not renew the contract with them in 1998, part of the agreement states that they could not use any private taxi driver but the ones at the respective Hotels/ resort , sea ports and airports and a price structure was also in place, with he not renewing the contract open the door for the reps to do as they please, the NCOPT fight for it’s members and get what they want regardless of party in power and that is my point.

  2. taxi operateurs, public transportation, and some ind├ępendant workers, never want to file their income tax returns, but they always want more from the government, where is the government taking the funds to give back to them? I advice that the in land revenue need to ├ęducate them about that!

  3. I need to first know are they taxi drivers or white people drivers? They pass people on the way with so much style they don’t stop nor pick up anyone that is black farless local. You could one the same service but guess what they cut style. Taxi drivers act and get along like they are upper class people making lots of money then they come begging government like they are poor people who cant affort the basic things. You see fishermen who struggle rarely ever there begging and seeking even when it takes months before they can even get paid for their fish. Famers who wait months to get paid for their produce rarely there complaining while they struggle. What bothers me more is teachers strike, nurses, firemen, police etc while they get salaries but poor fishermen and farmers can’t. If they say they won’t sell for a week you will see how fast they will say fine and jus import yet those other people can strike for anything and you can’t replace them. When will those who feed us be respected and treated right. Before you people think of begging and demanding from government think of every farmer and Fisher.

  4. I never knew that taxi drivers ,were having such a hard time making money.No wonder we have to pay EC40.000 for a peg,to some old driver that cant pass the medical test,or some policeman that has to many pegs,and is getting screwed by his chofers or drivers.The ministry of Tourism was supposed to hand out 300 new licenses,to persons that had done all the courses in the Mourne.What happened to all that,politics,mafia,presure,bobol,? What a scam,please,you asking for rebate?

  5. Taxi drivers want to buy Audis,to impress the customers and brag about what they dont have,they cant pick uo a sweat because,the only deodorant they know to put under their arm is gassoline.They drive their cars looking around to see how many are looking at them.And you complaining to minister,about your miserable and sacrificed life you live,come and fish,and be a man,you pussy taxi driver

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