NWU Applauds Move To Seek New Banana Markets

Press Release:The National Workers Union (NWU) is applauding the delegation of Public Servants and Government Officials who travelled to London and Paris in search of new markets for Saint Lucia bananas.

The announcement that France is now willing to do business with Saint Lucia by accepting our first consignment of bananas is very good news for our farmers, WINERA workers and indeed Saint Lucia.

We must not leave our banana farmers to handle this matter on their own. A financial subsidy must be seriously considered to enable these banana farmers to get back to their farms to produce top quality fruit.

We must now get rid of all the operational carbuncles that are determined to give the resurgence of the Banana Industry a rough journey.

The workers of WINERA stand in full solidarity with the banana farmers.


  1. With all the help, subsidies, marketing and concessions Government has made for farmers they still want more. If your FOR PROFIT business can’t sustain itself perhaps you should not be in business, or better yet, hire someone who can run your business profitably.

  2. Yes it is a good move to go out there to find market for bananas, hope the young ones will capitalise on that! tell me Mr. Joseph; what do you think about bringing back the agriculture association.? The cocoa, the nutmeg, the maze, cloves, the black pepper, vanilla etc. all of these products are been short on the international market!

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