Thursday, February 20, 2020

NWU Demands National Health Programme In Letter To PM

Saint Lucia’s National Workers Union (NWU) has demanded in a letter to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet that the government move swiftly to establish what the union described as a much needed National Health Programme, that would initially take care of NWU members, organised labour, contributors to the NIC and pensioners.

“The programme could be improved as we go along,” NWU President General, Tyrone Maynard observed in the November 7, 2019 letter to the PM.

Attached to the letter was a resolution on the National Health Care Programme that was voted on and unanimously approved by the union’s Congress of Delegates on Sunday, November 3, 2019.

Maynard noted in the letter to the PM that prior to the congress, the NWU held consultations with branch members.

He recalled that the medical health situation was high on the agenda.

“It is a fact that our health care service is expensive,” the NWU President General observed.

He explained that some trade union members cannot afford to purchase all items on the prescription after meeting the costs for the diagnosis and some of the medications prescribed.

According to the trade union official, in some cases barbecues, donations and other small social events are often organised to assist those in need to meet their medical expenses.

Maynard stated that in the first quarter of this year, meetings were held with the Permanent Secretary and his Ministry of Health team.

“We conveyed our concerns for the government to implement a National Health Care Service that would assist organised labour and members of the National Workers Union,” he wrote.

However the veteran trade unionist observed that the month of November has arrived with little evidence to demonstrate the government’s willingness to move in that direction.

“We hereby demand that your government puts the ‘Latin Lettuce issue’ on the back burner and move swiftly to establish a much needed National Health Programme,” Maynard declared.




  1. Yes fully agree , there should be insurance till death for everyone in this country.Perhaps we should reorganize all tha insurance issue in St Lucia,we have to many foreign insurance companies .Goverment should look at creating a goverment insurance skeem for all st Lucians ,For all those elderly medical coverage and life insurance till death.Anybody could pay EC 20 dollars a month towards the insurance.And the money would stay in the country NIS only take money from the working force What about the retirees and all the elderly.

  2. Please don’t increase taxes on people who go to great lengths to take care of themselves to avoid being sick in the first place. I.e. proper diet, exercise, avoid alcohol, smoking, drugs etc. Only to provide health care for those who choose to abuse alcohol and drugs, eat only kfc and don’t get off their behinds to do any exercise.

  3. Perhaps the NWU can put a small percentage of members monthly dues towards a health scheme.

  4. Thats all well and good but I hope these demands are made irrelevant of governments in power. I note that no such demand was made or explanation sought when the SLP government trashed a Universal Helth Care Plan that we had already spent money on in establishing an office, purchasing a vehicle and paying consultancies. We continue not to seek answers or call on others to account for things done in the past on our behalf. As a result these problems continue to fester and there is no closure, therefore the State remains in a state of limbo thereby limiting progress.

    • UWP Hack translation: So why is now you demanding things uh ? When Kenny was in charge you were quiet

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