NWU Says Industrial Row Brewing With Secure St. Lucia Limited

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Press Release:- On June 26, 2021 the National Workers Union (NWU) held a general staff meeting in its Southern Office at which employees of Secure St. Lucia Limited were in attendance. During that meeting the workers pointed out a number of shortcomings within the operational service that they provide to the various companies in the southern part of the island.

  • They disclosed their concerns with the upsurge in criminal activities in Vieux Fort. 
  • On many occasions tinted vehicles would drive slowly and stop near buildings where Secure St. Lucia Limited provide service to that establishment. 
  • The workers also pointed out that they have received threats via their mobile phones and that was surprising.  
  • They voiced that there is nobody in Management that they can reach out to on these developments.

The NWU suggested requesting a Joint General Staff Meeting preferably with Mr. Gabriel Pierre the General Manager in attendance. Mr. Pierre has a long history and background in policing so he could share new strategies with more protection which could redound to the benefit of the employees and the company.  The meeting ended with a level of satisfaction that such a request would be accepted by the company.

Up till Saturday August 7, 2021 Mr. Pierre informed the NWU that he is unable to attend such a meeting. The Union has since given Mr. Pierre fourteen (14) days to review his response and revert with a positive acceptance failing which he will be responsible for any action taken by the workers in the interest of their safety and health.

The NWU has also requested the intervention of the Labour Commissioner on this matter.

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