Friday, September 20, 2019

NWU Sends Warning Letter To ‘Inept’ SLASPA Management

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Saint Lucia’s National Workers Union (NWU) has dispatched a letter to the Saint Lucia Air and Seaports Authority (SLASPA), warning that workers are angry.

The August 19, 2019 letter was addressed to SLASPA’s General Manager, Daren Cenac.

In it, NWU President General Tyrone Maynard asserted that the union is in full agreement with the workers to demonstrate their disgust.

The letter raised several issues of concern.

It noted that upon the death of former employee Mr. Leonard Daniel, workers employed with SLASPA in their genuine way individually made a contribution towards the solemn occasion.

“They were all aware that Leonard Daniel had worked tirelessly for the company and also made himself available whenever called upon to do so,” the NWU letter stated.

” It is evident that SLASPA could find money to pay for square pegs in round and wrong holes and could also spend funds in areas that are questionable,” it observed.

The letter also drew the attention of the SLASPA General Manager to the situation being faced by Light House Keepers both at Vigie and Vieux Fort.

“Saint Lucia is changing by the hour and yet you cannot see the wisdom in our demands for security protection for the Light House Keepers. They too are fed up and we understand their anger,” the NWU President General wrote.

“Workers are still faced with unsightly containers piled on the Port. During the day’s operations these containers attract a tremendous amount of heat which sometimes makes it impossible for employees to discharge their responsibilities in a timely manner.  The picture is one of a huge industrial junk yard. Who cares and understands the plight of SLASPA workers? The discrimination, favouritism and victimization can easily be identified,” Maynard observed in the  warning letter.

“Let me just point out to you and your Management Team that the workers can no longer and will no longer tolerate such behavior from inept Management.  Please be informed that whenever the workers decide the next course of action you will know,” the letter stated.



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    • The St.Jude Hospital is a more sticky situation if the nurses and doctors withdraw their labour. Patients can and will die similar to why police striking is not really advisable. But something must done to speed up the St.Jude Hospital project

    • Hope. Read to understand. The union is formed to assist employees with any issues that an organization has presented to its staff. Without the union, employees voices will not be heard. All staff which are part of the union have expressed their dissatisfaction with what the organization has done thus far. So the union is not a “sell out”. If not for the union the employees will be taken for crap


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