Obstinacy In Governance

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Dear Editor,

“I think it necessary to bring the following to the fore at this juncture, in order to refresh our memories.

It is necessary  to do so, since history  will show, whereas certain  sections  of civil  society were very vocal & vociferous, when our beloved  island was in a similar situation as currently  obtain  through  Government actions or inaction, the country was moving down  a slippery  slope to economic decay.

For love of country, the late Winston Cenac in an unsung action, much to the chagrin and anger of a Minister (in words too caustic to be made public), listened to good sense and yielded to vox populi.

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But in this instance, they’re like sleeping lambs, have remained unbelievably quiet and non-committal.

The hue and cry of the citizenry is that governance has never been that bad since independence.

Imagine St. Jude is still in limbo and our economy has, accelerated down the slippery slope.

From first to last in the OECS.”

Victor Girard


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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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