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Obstinacy In Governance

My patriotism fires up whatever little energy there is in my slender skeletal frame to address a very disturbing and ridiculous issue.

It boggles the mind how an impoverished country as St Lucia can afford to demolish 2 newly constructed buildings when they have never been used. One of the reasons given is that they were structurally unsound, yet no one has asked for the structural engineers’ report which determines that. As far as am aware the circa $1M technical audit never indicated that any of the SJH buildings were structurally defective.

Even more disconcerting is the revelation from a HTS poll that 80% of the responses agreed to demolish. That reminds me of a statement occasionally made, i.e. St Lucia is a “paper cup society, use then throw away” (no use in this case).

I can imagine the caustic reaction of Sir John, if he were presented with such a crazy recommendation by a Technocrat. In any case nothing similar, where it defies good reason would have arisen under his watch.

Lucians complain regularly about, bad roads, poor school infrastructure, lack of proper health care, etc. etc. etc. yet they condone such wanton wastage of our already scarce public resources. The PM’s usual response, that his inability to address these complaints is occasioned by the inadequate resources at the Treasury, when he assumed office.
Based on the advice in the audit report and that of engineers and architects of unquestionable repute, the structures on site could have been completed as a hospital.

The advice has been disregarded and a “new wing” is being constructed. Even then, couldn’t a “new wing” be designed to incorporate all the existing buildings?
Extremely mind boggling is the deafening silence of Civil Society on such issues of great importance to the general well-being and development of this country. Can one find any businessman on our island who would submit to such a ridiculous proposal?

The idiotic and or illogical statements being made by callers to Talk Shows, leads one to believe they are blind followers. Though ignorant of the facts, have little regard for the conclusions of the professionals who have accurately analysed the technical data.
They seem to confirm the PMs’ belief that the “Jackasses” are braying when there is a contrary opinion to his Government’s proposals.

But with such irresponsible, reckless and obstinate behaviour, one is inclined to ask, who really are the Jackasses?

Victor E Girard


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