Saturday, December 7, 2019

Odsan Man Reported Missing After Leaving For Martinique Vacation

The family of  37 year old Odsan man is desperate for answers after a loved one went missing.

According to relatives, Shane Clement  left the island for a short vacation in Martinique on September 18th aboard L’Express Des Isles.

They told St Lucia Times that the carpenter by trade spoke with his family the day after but has not been heard from since.

A report of Clement’s disappearance has been made to the police.

The family is appealing to anyone with information on Clement’s whereabouts or who could shed light on what happened to him, to contact relatives or the police.


  1. Why are people going missing or disappearing in the Windward Triangle (Martinique, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines)?

  2. Yes old bird must have got kidnaped by some malicius pussy…cat ,you know those that rome around Martinique ,looking for imported flesh .Then cause there is this other hipotesis,this is the most comon,when we get into these transactional agreements ….what ever,lets hope they investigate,hope he dident go diving.


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