Thursday, September 29, 2022

OECS Condemns Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

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The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and its Member States strongly condemn the ongoing military operations being conducted against Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

The OECS staunchly upholds and defends the bedrock principles of international law that are enshrined in the United Nations Charter. Paramount among these principles are sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference in the internal affairs of States, non-intervention, and the peaceful settlement of all disputes, utilizing the established multilateral and diplomatic mechanisms that undergird international cooperation.
As a collection of small island states with no military presence, and as the theater for past interventionist and military actions, the members of the OECS are acutely aware that our existence as independent, sovereign States is heavily dependent on unanimous global adherence to these immutable principles.At a time when the world most needs peace and international cooperation to face the twin hydras of climate change and an unending pandemic, war in any region obstructs the imperative of global cooperation.

The impact of this military conflict will extend well beyond the borders of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The centrality of Ukraine and the Russian Federation to global supply chains, energy production and the supply of commodities like wheat means that the entire developing world, including the OECS, will suffer economically, and experience greater energy and food insecurity for the duration of this conflict.

The legitimate security considerations of the Russian Federation, as articulated by the President of the Russian Federation, do not justify the unilateral military operation upon which it has embarked. The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine must be respected and the people of Ukraine must be free to determine the future of their country, without any form of foreign interference. The concerns of the Russian Federation over the expansion of the NATO military alliance should therefore be addressed through strictly diplomatic means.

The OECS calls for the immediate cessation of all hostile and provocative actions against Ukraine, and the withdrawal of all military and proxy forces from Ukraine’s existing, defined borders. We call further on all parties involved to urgently revert to dialogue and diplomacy as the only acceptable channels for arriving at a common understanding that will lead to the maintenance of peace.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Here’s an account from a business man who got stuck in Kiev. Meanwhile his wife and young kids are safe in Kharkov (which will be taken by the end of day, today).

    With nothing else to do, he’s given his impression of how Russia has prosecuted the war against the US- and NATO-backed neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine:

    What Russia Wants From Its Invasion of Ukraine — and Why Zelensky Is Evil

    He also joined the Duran channel broadcast on YouTube; coming in at the 50:14 mark:
    MASSIVE ESCALATION: US & EU sanction Russia’s Central Bank

  2. I can’t help but think that the person commenting under the name “Nudge” is a classic Russian operative clandestinely placed to spread Russian propaganda and lies! It appears he also goes by the name “Neutral” — either that or “Neutral” is the classic sycophant that Putin would like to use in territories all over!

  3. Trust me no one knows who the OECS is. Only people in the OECS. Your talk and condemnation is just falling on death ears.

  4. Lest the hearing of hypocritical honchos of the OECS has been obstructed by the incessant lies or bribes from the evil empire, Russia has made it plain to the world that her campaign will end after the complete de-militarization & de-Nazification of Ukraine (then she can concentrate on repelling the eastward advancement of NATO).

    She will not let the world forget the 30+ million Russian lives that were taken by the Nazis during World War II; she will let the world know how the CIA has kept Nazi cells active since then, and are now using them to spear-head their campaign to overthrow the legitimate government of Russia, so the globalists can control the vast resources there.

  5. For 8 years, Russia has been longsuffering, waiting for the Ukrainian puppet government to accede to the planks of the diplomatically brokered Minsk II agreement; for the neo-Nazi controlled government in Ukraine to stop the genocide perpetrated against the Russian-speaking residents of the Donbass republics. Under advisement of the US & NATO cabal, Zelensky has recently made it very plain that they have no intention to honor the agreement they’ve signed. Russia, her patience exhausted, decided to finally retaliate. The economic concerns of the world pale in comparison to her concerns for the genocidal campaign prosecuted against the Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

    It is risible that OECS honchos are only now speaking out about how the economic fallout from the crisis in Ukraine affects the globe, but have remained silent while the US overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014, using their neo-Nazi mercenaries; while those very mercenaries have inflicted their genocidal campaign against the Donbass, over the last 8 years. The hypocrisy of the OECS is rank!

    A few hours ago, the US and NATO have enforced the last level of sanctions they could muster against Russia – against the Russian Central Bank. By this ultimately ineffective action, they’ve shown how desperate they have become, in an effort to hide from the world the mental impairment of a dying empire! Wasn’t there at least one sane voice in the room to bring up the subject of Russia’s autarky, which immunizes her against all financial weapons that are released against her?

    All the efforts by the US to make Ukraine the focus of the world’s attention will come to naught! No matter the delay tactics used, the US will have to eventually deal with the security concerns of Russia; the world will come to see how the big bully cowers when punched in the nose by Russia.

    Here is some relevant commentary seen yesterday:

    “The Anti-Russian sentiment is buried deep in the Western psyche no matter their political leanings. To tell them that Putin is doing the right thing is akin to telling them that their entire belief system is wrong (which will create complete cognitive dissonance and fry their brains). Not all of course, but a great many are like that [yes, I’m looking at Caribbean governments & organizations] from youths all the way to professionals in journalism and foreign service.

    Contrast that to the majority of the Global South who have are in support of Putin’s action, whether implicit or explicit. They have lived through CIA’s regime changes and they want to see the globalists taken down a peg, and their arrogance beaten to pulp.”

    • Finally an informed and intelligent comment. The media has covered the truth for years and our leaders who should be free thinkers follow like sheep. Sad. Nudge it’s refreshing to see someone who see through the bs we ate the minority and no matter how we try to enlighten the masses are already brainwashed. Don’t trust the media. Period

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