OECS Director General Meets With President Of The Territorial Collectivity Of Martinique

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Director General of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Dr. Didacus Jules paid a courtesy visit to the President of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique Hon. Serge Letchimy and the OECS Commissioner Patricia Telle on Friday April 8th 2022.

The meeting discussions focused on a plethora of areas, including agriculture, communication and language translation, the circular economy, risk management and resilience, governance structures and renewable energy.

Among these, language translation was keenly discussed as the OECS continues to prioritize efforts to break down language barriers between French speaking and English speaking Member States.

 According to Dr. Jules, the OECS needs to ensure that there is a stronger translation mechanism in place, to ensure that the French member states play a more dynamic role in the Organisation.

He further stated that any such mechanism must include language capacity building on both sides. Dr. Jules also pointed to the need for the recognition of Kwéyòl as a ‘Lingua Franca’ between the member states of Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica and Saint Lucia.

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In the continued effort to strengthen relationships between the French speaking and English speaking, a proposal for more cultural and professional exchanges was supported by all parties.

Hon. Letchimy committed to the appointment of an international cooperation Officer, who would serve as the link between the French Embassy and the OECS Commission to further enhance dialogue as well as Martinique’s contribution to the union.

Hon. Letchimy also called for OECS Member States who are part of the UNESCO Executive Board to support Martinique’s Application for World Heritage Status for Mount Pelée.

He further requested continued dialogue with OECS Member States, to ascertain the supporting role that Martinique can play in the area of renewable energy.

Source: Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States

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  1. @TheFox agreed. My children will not be learning Kweyol in school. Apart from its sentimental value to some, what’s the point!? As someone seeking to ensure my kids are globally competitive, French or Spanish it is.

  2. How Dr new diplomat will be able to talk to these people. The woman eh know her a$$ from her elbow……well sorry.. …she know how to work de A$$ for de pohzishun…mwe mem. And the Lion roared

  3. For one who have lived and worked in Europe and North America in the last 65 years, I wish to give one advise. DO NOT TEACH CHILDREN KWEYOL AT SCHOOL AS A SEPARATE LANGUAGE. Teach the children to speak with clarity so they could be understood; teach French, English and Spanish – with fluency in any of the three – big companies need and pay big Bucks for such clients. Enough of this child play with Patois.

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